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Feb 28 2008 - UPDATE WITH BABY PIX...
UPDATE: Well, My water broke on Thursday February 21st at 11:00 pm, (the lunar eclipse no less), and Baby Marcus was born Friday, February 22nd at 5:21 am weighing in at 7lbs 7oz and he was 21 inches long here's a pic... or two... or
Marcus And Daddy...Daddy's Namesake. Mommy's Baby Marcus... The first time I held him after he was born. A better pic of Marcus & I, after we both had a bath... and some sleep lol. Father and son...Their first nap at home sweet home together. Click pix to enlarge.

February 20, 2008 - THE BELLY PIC.... Actual Size
Hey all: Sorry I haven't been here much...But, my due date is creeping up (Feb 23) and I've been taking it easy, just wanted to fly by really fast to say that you are all in my thoughts & prayers and I wish all of you well:)
So, Here it is.... THE BELLY PIC....

-Brightest Blessings, Love & Squishes From Thy Resident Archangel:)

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