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Zen Archangelism COSW 18 Archangel's Healing Techniques

Zen Archangelism COSW 18 Archangel's Healing Techniques

I work with White Light, Etheric, Reiki, Kundalini & Chakra Energies to help myself & others on a daily basis, so I just want to explain something really misunderstood about them:

Kundalini: Theres no quick way to awaken your Kundalini. Reiki won't do it for you. It takes time, sometimes years, of constant peace and quiet to meditate. Trying too hard will defeat the purpose.

Reiki must be given to you by a Level 3 Reiki Master, you can't just decide: hey I'm gonna do some reiki today. It takes lessons and meditation to learn to use it properly. When using reiki to heal people or animals, the problems you are healing will get worse BEFORE they get better. It is NOT an Insta-heal technique. It takes several sessions for the patient to become fully healled. You do NOT need to touch or even be anywhere near the person at all to use reiki energies.

Chakras are opened individually through meditation. You can use the energy from your own chakras (once they are fully opened and alligned) to heal, open and allign the chakras of others.

This is easily done just by giving them a hug and sending the energy from your chakras to theirs. eg: your crown energy to their crown, 3rd eye to third eye, etc.

You do NOT need to touch the person at all to use chakra energies, (you can do what i do: ZAP strangers from across the street, lol- sniper healing), but I find it more effective when I can actually touch the chakra I am healing for serious illnesses.

Once you're used to the chakra energies you will be able to heal others much quicker with your own chakra energies than you can with reiki.

You can also use crystals to open your own chakras and the chakras of others if meditation doesn't work for you.

How I heal others with my own chakras:

When someone suffers from a heart condition, respiratory/lung infections or disease, or emotional imbalance, I shoot energy from my Heart Chakra to theirs- seriously, picture a green laser beam loaded with healing energy.

When a person suffers from infertility, sexual dysfunction, or problems with the reproductive organs I do the same from my root chakra to theirs, picture a red laser beam loaded with healing energy.

When a person is lacking in intuitive or psychic abilities because of fear or dormancy, I shoot white energy from my crown chara to theirs, and purple energy from my 3rd eye (brow) chakra to theirs.

For ulcers, kidney, liver, bowel, bladder, intestinal and stomach problems etc, I shoot orange & yellow light/energy from my sacral & solar plexus to theirs.

When a person is too quiet, shy, mute or vocally autistic, I shoot royal blue energy from my throat chakra to theirs. I do the same for people with low self-esteem but toss in white-crown and green-heart energies aswell:)

White Light Healing
- ok we all know who Raiden is from mortal combat, so this one should be easy for all; simply summon (pray or ask for) white light to course through your body, and push it out of both of your hands with your palms facing your target. The only difference is obviously it is done with the intent to HEAL not harm. This is a catch all healing where you do not need to be aware of the persons ailments. The white light is distributed where it is needed.

Keep in mind, that this is just a basic guide I can go on without end, but I'd like to give you all time to try it, so I'll be quiet now. Any ????'s PM me: ) BB all

Blessings From Thy Resident Archangel:)

-Archangel Tanahmera
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