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Bay Rum Recipes

Bay Rum Recipes:
Technichally, the "bay" in Bay Rum does not refer to familliar bay laurel leaves, (a staple of so many magickal spells), but to the berries of the Carribean Tree, Jamaica Bayberry, aka: black or wild cinnamon.
If you purchase bay rum manufactured in Bermuda or the Carribean, you may recieve the original formula. If manufactured elsewhere, you will most likely be buying a formula based on bay laurel. Jamaica Bayberry does not grow outside the Carribean and Bermuda; people on the outside are familliar with the botanical and so assume that any reference to bay must indicate bay laurel. Bay laurel is a plant with profound magick powers and the formula based upon it is potent, although not neccessarily for the same purposes.

Uses For Bay Rum:)
*The original Bay Rum formula (bayberry) is used for luck, gambling, healing and cleansing spells.
*The bay laurel-derived formula may be used for healing, cleansing, and to enhance divination.

The true substitute for Jamaica bayberry is not bay laurel leaves but allspice berries, a close relative with similar magickal properties. However, Jamaica Bayberry is available as an essential oil (EO), and a True Bay Rum is easily created from essential oils.

True Bay Rum Recipe:)
1-EO of Jamaica Bayberry
2-EO of Petitgrain
3-EO of Allspice
4-EO of Cardamom
5-EO of Cloves

Further Instructions:)
1. Dilute the EO's infine dark rum and distilled water.
2. Although scent-free alcohol is usually reccomended, bay rum is the exception to this rule. Rum, a liquer used in many spells, enhances bay rums magickal properties. Its scent is considered integral to the formula: select the most fragrant rum available.
3. Jamaica Bayberry is the predominant ingredient. Its presence and fragrance should dominate the blend.
4. If you have access to Jamaica Bayberries, dried botanicals may be substituted for essential oils. Substitute orange zest for petitgrain.

Bay (Laurel) Leaf-Based Bay Rum Recipie:)
1-Crushed Bay Laurel Leaves
2-Ground Allspice Berries
3-Ground Cardamom
4-Ground Cinnamon
5-Ground Cloves

Further Instructions:)
1. Add the dry ingredients to one pint (half a litre) of fine dark Carribean Rum.
2. Shake it and let it sit for a week.
3. Strain out the solid ingredients.
4. Place some new allspice berries or a whole new bay leaf in the bottle.

Recap: Uses For Bay (Laurel) Leaf Bay Rum:)
*The bay laurel-derived formula may be used for healing, cleansing, and to enhance divination.

The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells By Judika Illes

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