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Zen Archangelism COSW 02 My Telepathic Connection With Donna!

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My Telepathic Connection With Donna!

Extracted From My Dream Journal, Thursday, June 8th, 2006: My Telepathic Connection With Donna.

I took a nap after court this afternoon, and this was my dream/Etheric experience:
In my dream, I had moved to an old castle like house-it was red brick. I was constantly having problems with my belongings being moved, and there was a door that just wouldn't stay shut. (It kept reopening every time I closed it). I got irritated and decided to investigate each room in the house. One room in particular, (the one on the other side of the door that wouldn't stay shut), had the most creepy, violent energy I've ever felt in it. So much so that I felt the urge to leave-run away-immediately.

Upon trying to leave the room, (turning to go up a set of old, wooden stairs), a man appeared who tried to attack me. I blessed the coffee in my right hand that it become a banishing liquid and I threw it at him as hard as I could, with the intent of permanently sending him to whatever purgatory/wasteland he was supposed to be in, and he disappeared.

So, I went upstairs, and shut the door behind me, and still it repeatedly kept opening. Finally frustrated, I yelled "That's Enough! Show Thyself NOW!" Just then a young woman appeared. I noticed she looked like my youngest Step-daughter Katilyn, but older & with blonde hair. Then she was gone. I got the distinct feeling that her name was Donna. So I called her by by name, saying: "Donna, I know you're still here, and you did all this to get my attention and you have it. Show Thyself so we can talk."

She appeared next to me and said "Hello." I responded "Hi Donna, I'm Tanahmera. How Many times have we made real spiritual contact with eachother in my waking life?" She answered first 7 by counting with her fingers & continued counting saying "Twenty-one." Then I asked "Why are you here and who was that man?"

She looked at the floor and became very sad. She answered: "That's my husband. I am afraid of him. He keeps me here." I held her hand and saw a vision. In it, he murdered her, in the other room I was just in and then killed himself. Also that the door flying open was her running away from him. I looked at her and asked: "Are my visions correct?" She answered: "Yes."

I then asked "What kind of marriage did you have with him?" She answered "Till death do us part." Knowing what I meant yet again. I said "Well then it's time for you to go home with God and Goddess. He has no more hold over you. The bond is broken, and he is the one who breached the heavenly contract, not you."

She resisted saying: "I'm afraid of him." So I explained "You have to let go of that fear. God and Goddess will both protect you, and, deal with him." I hugged her, and smiled saying: "Cross over now. You needn't be here anymore." She smiled back at me and said: "Thank you" I waved goodbye saying: "Blessed Be Donna." Then she was gone.

I woke up, went to the bathroom and asked, (in my head), 'Donna? Was that dream I awoke from real? Did we actually make real spiritual contact, and are you safe now?' The light in the room next to me flickered three times, and I heard her voice spell "Y-E-S" with each flicker. Having recieved confirmation, I left the bathroom directing the following thoughts at her: 'Well, Blessed Be Donna, and to her ex-husband also, May you find redemption and balance your karma. So Mote It Be!'

Follow-up Note: I haven't seen or heard from Donna or her ex since! Which I am taking to mean all is well with both of them:)

-Archangel Tanahmera
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