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Floor Wash Recipies

A wash is magically charged water used to rinse or cleanse an object or an area. Washes have some place in Old World traditions of natural magic, but it's in the New World that they have become a major tool of the practicing magician. In North American folk magic, washes can be used to bring magical energies to bear on anything that can handle contact with water. Floor washes (which are exactly what the term suggests, washes mopped onto the floor and left to dry) form one of the standard ways to magically charge an indoor space for any desired purpose.

All of the techniques listed above for potions and baths can also be used to make magical washes. An infusion or maceration can simply be used by itself, a bag of herbs can be put in a clean mop bucket and used to create a floor wash, and scented salts can also be added to hot water and used for a wash (although this last approach should not be used on wood, which can be discolored by the salts as they dry).

Floor Wash for Blessing a House
Take 1 ounce of angelica and make a strong infusion, steeping the root in freshly boiled water for at least 10 minutes. Wash out your mop bucket, fill it with clean water, and add the infusion. Then, using a mop that has never been used for any purpose before, mop the floors all through the house, starting at the front door and finishing in the kitchen. Let the wash dry.

Consecrating Wash for a Shewstone
"Shewstone" is the old term for a crystal ball. A common tool for clairvoyant work in Western magical traditions, it can be made more effective by cleaning it regularly with a wash. Take 1/` ounce each of clary sage, eyebright, and valerian root and make an infusion. Allow it to cool, and then use it, along with a clean white cloth, to wash the shewstone before each use. The wash should be made in small batches, and bottled and refrigerated between uses to keep it from spoiling.

Another method of making a wash draws on the magical effects of vinegar, which disperses etheric patterns. This is especially useful for banishing disruptive spirits or keeping hostile magic at bay. There are two different ways of making a magical vinegar: slowly, by maceration, or fast, by infusion. Just as with water, vinegar macerations can be made with any substance, including stones and substances already charged, while vinegar infusions only work well with herbs.

Vinegar Maceration
If you've ever made an herbal vinegar for salad dressing, you already know all there is to know about this process. If not, you're about to learn what is probably the only magical technique that can also be used to jazz up green salads. (There are good reasons why many natural magic techniques are also known as "kitchen magic.")

What You'll Need
All that's needed to make macerated vinegars is the vinegar itself—any kind will do, although wine vinegar is traditional and seems to have a stronger effect—a bottle or jar with an airtight lid, and the substances you'll use to charge the vinegar. An ounce or so of most herbs will do the job.

How It's Done
Put the substances into the bottle, pour in the vinegar until the bottle is nearly full, seal the bottle, put it away in a cupboard and leave it there for at least one month. Strain and use when you're ready. That's all there is to it.

Vinegar Infusion
Like water infusions, vinegar infusions are made by soaking herbs in hot liquid. Infused vinegars are generally not as strong magically as the macerated kind, but can be made much more quickly—a significant point when a banishing or an exorcism needs to be done as soon as possible.

What You'll Need
The requirements for infused vinegars are the same as those for macerated vinegars, with the addition of a saucepan for heating the vinegar. The bottle or jar used for the infusion needs to strong enough to hold boiling liquid without shattering; a canning jar works well.

How It's Done
Measure out enough vinegar to fill the jar to within an inch or so of the top; pour into the saucepan and heat, covered, to a steady boil. Meanwhile, crumple the herbs and put them into the jar. When the vinegar has boiled, pour it into the jar, cover, and leave to cool. A few days is normally enough to bring it to full strength.

Banishing Vinegar for Floor Washes
Take 1/2 ounce each of angelica, cinquefoil, St. John's Wort, and vervain, and make either a maceration or an infusion with vinegar, using one of the recipes above. When needed for a floor wash, add half a cup to a mop pail of clean water and, with a new mop, wash the entire floor of the house or apartment to be protected, starting with the kitchen and finishing at the front door.


2 More Floorwash Recipes

Start with whatever combination of essential oils of Oriental Grasses you normally use for compounding Van Van oil concentrate (e.g. citronella grass, lemongrass, Gingergrass, Palmarosa grass, Khus Khus grass, and Vetivert grass, singly or together). Cut a bunch of broomcorn straws (from a natural broom, or from broomcorn plants, if you happen to grow them) and place the straws in a bottle. Add a good squirt of Van Van oil concentrate and a small lump of frankincense gum, then top with your own (or any commercial) preparation of liquid oil soap (e.g. Murphy's Oil Soap). Dilute Chinese Wash in water before use, of course. If you wash the floors of your business, say a store for example, it is said to attract more customers, bring weath & good luck. Repeat when business slows down. -Author Unknown

This preparation is used to clean and prepare areas and tools used in Necromancy. Hyssop [herb] Florida Water [floral cologne] Kolonia 1800 Sandelo (Sandalwood cologne) 5 hot peppers [herb] Thyme [herb] Vervain [herb] Lemon Juice Sugar, a pinch Kananga Water [floral cologne] Mullein [herb] Mistletoe [herb] Black Pepper [herb] Ammonia, a few drops Olive Oil, a few drops Fey Kapab [twigs] (aka Florida Boxwood: used a lot in Haitian magic) Nutmeg [powdered spice] Cinnamon [powdered spice] Allspice [powdered spice] 3-4 cups spring water. -Harvey

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