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Spells You Can Do With Your Children :)

Spells You Can Do With Your Children :)
Yes Do Spell
Don't or No are words addressed in every sentence to a child, so this spell will allow you all to draw a line under this problem and renew your family bonds.
You Will Need:
Bright Yellow Paper
Purple Paint
Orange Paint
Glue Glitter
A Hair From Every Head In The Family
The Spell:
If the children are young, you paint the words Yes and Do all over the paper with the paints, older kids can have a go on their own.
Allow the paint to dry and then splatter the glue over the paper, add the glitter and hair and help the child to say:
"Don't say don't, Please say Do, I promise I'll be good for you"
Parents or carers will then say:
"Yes, Yes, Yes, I Know I should, I'll be good if you will too"
Pin the spell up where you can all see it and be reminded of your promises.
-Author Unknown

To make bath time more fun and still teach your child about the element of water, try these tricks:

Use blue food coloring or prepackaged blue bath tablets for kids. Scent the water with lotus or magnolia. The kids will be begging for bath time!

Talk about the animals who live in the sea as the kids play with their bath-toy fishes, turtles, and dolphins. Don't forget the silkies, harpies, and mer-people!

Every time Devon gets ready to get out of the bath, we say, "Bye-bye water; thank you water," as we watch the bath water swirl down the drain. Sometimes he'll even kiss the water!

Every child should learn about water and how to respect it, not just Pagan Children. Here are some of my ideas on what every child should know about water:

Learn about the cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation by making a "cloud" inside a jar, using boiling water and the steam rising from it. Chances are, if you do this activity with very young children, they will have a head start on third and fourth grade science! Compare what they've learned about this cycle with the cycles of the moon, or of life, or of reincarnation.

Gather several containers of different sizes and shapes, and pour water in and out of them, showing how the water will take whatever shape the container is. It's amazing to little kids to see the properties of water in action!
Show how, with the help of the element of fire, water can turn into steam, which can be likened to air. Then show how when it's put into the freezer, it turns into ice, which can be likened to earth. Water is truly a wonderful element! Perhaps that is why it is the element of the emotions, speaking of which...

Here's a good lesson about anger: Show your child how water boils, and how the hotter it gets, the closer it comes to boiling over. Just when it's about to boil over (like we can do when we are very angry), take it off the heat and watch as the water level slowly goes back down. (This trick works especially well when making instant macaroni and cheese.) Explain that sometimes, we have to remove ourselves from the situation which is making us "boil over" in order to calm down and deal with the anger constructively.

Most of our Earth is made of water and it seems like we'll never run out, but even so, we must learn to do things to make sure it stays around forever. Here are some things we can do to keep the water cycle going smoothly:

# Remember to turn the water off when brushing your teeth. It doesn't need to be running the whole time!
# Never throw trash into pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans. It makes the fishies sick, and it can make us sick too.
# Opt for canoes and sailboats over motor boats. It takes more work, but it develops skill and self-discipline. It also keeps the water from being polluted, prevents the chance for curious water beasties getting cut up by propeller blades, and it just fills you with more of a peaceful feeling; you don't have to yell over those loud boat motors!

Once upon a time, people used to leave big barrels out to collect rainwater for bathing, cleaning, even drinking! You could too, but Moms and Dads, be sure to get a water testing kit, and even if it's safe, boil the water first before drinking it.

Above all, have respect for water. It is a wonderful and vital element, but as with all the elements, it can be dangerous when abused. Always observe pool rules, and never swim alone or without an adult watching, especially in a lake or the ocean. Obey your Mom and Dad about bath rules too, because it is true that people have drowned on only a teaspoon of water. Water has no business being in your lungs, and if you're blowing bubbles in it and laughing at the same time, that is exactly where it could wind up! Play with water, respect water, and help protect and conserve water, and it will serve you well.

Blessings,-Devon's Mommy
Bubbles Spell
This one was written by my mother, a Christian, for my grand daughter to clear a circle. (My mother was PRO_Wiccan!)

We go around in the circle with bubble wands and special bubble solution (4 parts water, 1 part dishsoap, 1/4 pard clear corn syprup. Add in as listed, we use a plastic coffee container, stir well. makes the best bubbles ever!)

We chant: Bubbles, bubbles clean this space and of evil leave no trace.

I have had 4 year olds do this spell for us, and it just doesn't get any better!
Afraid-of-the-Dark Spell
by: Kirin Lee
To help a child who is afraid of the dark, add some lavender scent to a spray bottle of water. When the child has gotten in bed, spray an arch of fine mist from the floor up over the bed, and down to the floor on the other side. Have your child visualize the mist turning into a rainbow arch of brilliant color. Let the child know that the rainbow and its energies will still be there when the light goes out.
Children's Bed Time Blessing
By Tannev
Lord and Lady,
Bless me as I sleep
Keep me safe within your arms
As round me nighttime creeps
I ask you also, if you will,
To watch over the ones I love-
Here's my list of those who need
Some blessings from above.
Blessings on...
(mommy, daddy, gramma, etc etc)
Cute Spells for Kids

author unknown
Of all childhood pastimes, wishing is one that most people Remember fondly. The enchanting thing is that many traditional Wishes are actually folk spells. Think of wishing on the first star appearing.The accompanying rhyme Is actually an incantation!Tossing a coin in a well with wishes can also become a magical procedure just by adding a verbal component or visualization.This particular spell combines the coin with starlight For easy recognition for the child.Find any silver- colored coin with the child's birth year on it.Have him/her take it out at dusk and wait for the first star to appear.As it does, have him/her hold the coin up to the starlight saying:
"Catch the starlight in this coin so bright I'll get the wish I wish tonight.
Within this coin my wish is carried The Magic will grow when it is buried."
Have the child put the coin in an area of rich soil where it will remain undisturbed so the spell can grow to manifestation.

Getting Rid Of Nightmares
author unknown
Make a magickal totem from things in nature (pine cones, twigs, etc.) To watch over your child. Create the shape of a body and bind with silver thread. You and your child empower the totem by passing it through smoke as you say:
"Magick Man/Lady watch over me keep me safe and happy while I sleep"
Burn essential oil (perhaps lavender....or fill a small pillow with the dried flower buds~ to aid in peaceful sleep. Place the totem next to your child's bed.

author unknown
It's hard for children to keep promises because they simply forget they have made them. When a child finds that he/she constantly getting into trouble because of this, they can try this spell to assist themselves.If possible have the child cast this spell on a Thursday to accentuate commitment.Fill a small container with Jelly Beans( in mystical tradition, beans improve our ability to judge situations wisely), and bless the container by saying:
"Help me do as I say, let this magic start today.
A promise kept, a promise made Let my promises never fade."
The child can then eat one or two jelly beans daily to improve there dedication to promise.

author unknown
With children the concept of downtime seems to be almost nonexistent. Yet teaching children to relax is important so they also learn self- control. This spell is designed to improve a child's ability to calm down.
For the spell you will need a white or blue airtight container and seven almonds or Seven pieces of sugar free blueberry flavored gum. Have the child put these in the container by the light of the waxing moon saying:
"When taken within Calm will begin.
Like an anchor of tranquility Self-control grows in me."
They can carry this container with them, eating one of the candies and reciting the incantation whenever they need a more peaceful demeanor.Refill and recharge as desired.

author unknown
Our society has become a dangerous place for young ones, meaning a little magical protection certainly won't hurt.To begin this safety spell. You'll need one cup of baking soda, and one teaspoon each of dried mint(finely chopped) and powdered clove. Have the child mix these together on a bright sunny day, stirring clockwise as he/she says:
"Light without, light within, Let this magic spell begin.
Keep me guarded well, safe to be Knowing the light walks with me."
Whenever you or your child is concerned about peers or other situations,Sprinkle this mixture in there shoes before they leave for school or play.
Pagan Bedtime Prayers for Kids

Goddess Prayers

1. Mother of all things, watch over me tonight,
Hold me in your arms, until the morning light.

2. Blessed be the mother goddess, by all her many names.
May she bless my family and friends.
May she bless the animals of the world,
and all people everywhere.

3. Diana, goddess of the moon,
Shining in the sky above,
Bathe me in your magical light,
And protect me with your love.

God Prayers

1. The horned god runs in the night,
And hunts among the stars,
May he watch over and keep us safe,
No matter where we are.

2. Lord of night, welcome me as I sleep.
Guide me in the darkness,
and protect me as I dream.

Earth-Focused Prayers

The earth is big and fat and round,
I love the sky, the sea and the ground,
I love the birds and dogs and sheep,
and all the animals that fall asleep,
I love the flowers and rocks and trees,
I love the earth, and it loves me.

Fantasy-Focused Prayers

Now I lay down in my bed,
And pull the covers up to my head.
I'll dream of dragons and fairies bright,
And pixies and wizards and elves tonight.
I'll dream of some sort of magical place, and
wake in the morning with a smile on my face.

-By Patti Wigington

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