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Zen Archangelism COSW 05 NEVER Underestimate Anything!!!

Zen Archangelism The Chronicles Of Super Witch 05-> NEVER Underestimate Anything!!!
Ok so we're all somewhat aware of the power of the spoken word, and How our THOUGHTS, as insignificant as some may seem, can even become manifest (be brought into being on the physical plain).

But few people realize that there are 4 dangerous aspects in magick, they are listed below in order of MOST dangerous First:
The Thought
The Spoken Word
The Written Word
The Drawing Of Certain Images

To perform any of the 4 acts above is to give something Life, and ALL things that have Life have a WILL of their own.
I'm not saying this to scare the crap out of anyone, but more to teach you what I learned the hard way, in order to save you the suffering.

I've posted a great article about it called the dangers of Enochian Magick by: Gerald and Betty Scheuler, however, the warnings in that article apply, from my own experience to ALL FORMS OF MAGICK and ALL WITCHES.

I found the original article here:

What The article doesn't cover, is the focus of this particular chronicle. Curiosity killed the cat, and that cat DID NOT COME BACK! In My Case It Could've killed a LOT more than a Cat...

My ex was doing some independent research one day, and ended up at the Church Of Satan website (I actually told him to go there to read this: The Nine Satanic Statements: ), just to get a feel for who they really are and drop the stereotypes.

Well, he decided to wander around, and stumbled upon this (Which is NOT Good at all): Enochian Pronunciation Guide ( ) Keep in mind this is the DEMONIC VERSION so don't read it or absorb it, in fact if you can help yourself, refrain from clicking on the link at all:). Well, HE started reading it OUT LOUD, and although I'm not Fluent in Enoch YET, I felt ICE COLD chills coursing throughout my entire body, so I sat up in my seat. ( ALA PSYCHO WITCH & JUST LOST IT) to cut him off before he did any serious damage. We got in a HUGE fight over it because he thought I was trying to "CONTROL" how much he learns where when & why etc. *VERY LOUD SIGH & ROLLING EYES*

EVERYONE who knows me knows that's NOT the case at all. You see I am BENT on spiritual protection, harmony etc and I am EXTREMELY sensitive to negativity in any form, so My SOUL took immediate offense to the words he was trying to pronounce, my body went on auto-pilot, and I just yelled at him: "IDIOT! STOP! You have NO IDEA what you're doing. Shut Up!" But it was for his own good, and everyone else's too, you can thank me later lol. If I ever pitch a Fit Like I just did, there is a damned good reason for it, so pay attention! Ok, so, maybe my own "attitude" is in need of alignment, but seriously, tell me wouldn't you snap also if you had a young baby less than 1 year old in the next room while he's reading this crap??? You are not required to answer that, I already KNOW you would. As my Sister Lady Boudicca always says: Hell hath NO fury like a pissed Witch & the veins in my neck are still sticking out just thinking about it.

Anyway about 7 hours later, he was calm enough for me to show him the above article, because he would not let me get a word in edgewise to explain why I was so furious, and NOW he gets it. Which is wonderful, but a pain in the ass also because he gets these stupid notions in his head that I see him as "subservient" or "lesser than" me, and then we have to fight about that for about 3 hours, it's retarded. Allow me to explain That I am a Taurus and He is a Scorpio, and apparently the stars are aligned in such away that lack of peace is the price I always pay for trying to protect any person from themselves. Oh Life is AWESOME in MY Universe!

Anyway, I was able to explain to him I have a few "other beliefs",
1- that certain knowledge should NOT be given to anyone who would misuse or abuse it (knowingly or not), those who are NOT mentally stable, and those who are ignorant/obnoxious/selfish/greedy/manipulative/just plain stupid and would use it just to say they've done it-to boost their own egos, Power-trip, etc. And of course, anyone who's intent with such knowledge is questionable (in a bad way). (in this instance he falls into this category)

2- Never Underestimate Anything, especially the 4 things above. (and this He Just did!)

3- All things you read, hear see, touch taste, smell etc are cataloged into your subconscious mind, so one needs to exercise caution on what they subject themselves to. Because your subconscious mind is ALWAYS ACTIVE with or without your consent!

In closing I'd just like to add that I love my husband, he's cute as hell, a sweetheart at heart, when he wants to be, BUT Hes just curious and suspicious to a fault. He asks me to teach him and will NOT let me, then he complains that I don't teach him anything! All I can say is No I can't because I'm too busy saving the WORLD from stupid shit people do, and, MY GOD/DESS make it stop! I need to sip some tea & chill the f*ck out!

If this article can help even one person I am happy to have gone through the crap I just did in order to be able to write it.

-Archangel Tanahmera
All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

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