Monday, February 16, 2009

Prayer for a suffering World

Prayer for a suffering World
To release suffering
Prayer by Tangtong Gyalpo, the Highly Accomplished (as transmitted by Lama Zopa)

All sentient beings equal to Space, go for refuge to the precious Guru-Buddha.
We go for refuge to the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.
We go for refuge to the assembly of gurus, yidams, and dakinis.
We go for refuge to the empty clarity of our own minds, the Dharmakaya.
[Recite these Refuge verses as many times as you can: Usually 3x, 7x, 21x, etc.]

OM MANI PADME HUM [Recite this mantra hundreds of times -- usually 108x, 111x or multiples. ]

May all the diseases, which sadden the minds of sentient beings, resulting from karma and temporary conditions such as harm due to spirits, from illnesses and the elements, not occur in the realms of the world.

May whatever sufferings there are due to life-threatening diseases that, like a butcher leading a being to slaughter separate body from mind in a mere instant, not occur in the realms of the world.

May all embodied beings not be harmed by acute, chronic, and other kinds [of illness] such as infectious diseases of which names the mere sound terrifies beings, as if they had been placed [directly] into the mouth of Yama, Lord of Death.

May all embodied beings not be harmed by the 80,000 classes of malicious interferers, the 360 evil spirits that harm suddenly, the 424 diseases, and so on.

May whatever sufferings there be due to disturbances of the four elements that deprive body and mind of every pleasure, be totally pacified, and may body and mind enjoy radiance and power and be endowed with long life, good health, and well-being.

By the compassion of the Gurus and the Triple Gem, the power of the dakinis, Dharma protectors and guardians, and by the strength of the infallibility of karma and its results, may these many dedications and prayers be fulfilled as soon as they are made.

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