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Aura Color Correspondences

Aura Colors Revised By Archangel
Here is a reference guide that I have found to be true concerning auras and thier colors I have updated it recently:

Vibrant-Bright-Red- Red is the easiest color to see in the light spectrum. Red represents general energy and physical vitality.

Medium-Red- often denotes physical activity, anger, agitation, frustration restricted movement, raw lust, pure desire, adrenaline, and stifled thought.The expression, "seeing red" is often descried as a state of anger, as is 'red with rage'.

Dark Deep-Blood-Red- Someone suffering from a severe physical illness or disease. Possibly blood disorder, cancer, heart, liver, kidney problems etc. Do NOT guess whats wrong, just tell this person to see a doctor immediately because you sense or detect a serious health problem.

Brown- Brown in someone's emotional layer is seen as base physical desires, personal greed, earthly gains. It can also represent personal gain, money attitudes and hidden motive.

Dark Brown- Infertility (as in barren Earth in Fall & Winter only financially speaking), one who may become or is surrounded by con artists, drug dealers, dishonest money, etc. Could also just indicate someone desperately poor or who has become bankrupt.

Bright-Canary/Pastel Yellow- sometimes represents familiar bonding, and social happiness. This person is like a breath of fresh air.

Medium-Vibrant-Yellow- Sometimes, a bright yellow streak appears at a moment of delight or joy, at a happy realization or moment. Yellow, especially a yellow that engulfs the aura often represents a state of Revelation, also thinking and working within thought.

Dark-Yellow-Green- may represent pride, one who is somewhat of a gossip or judgemental. Be careful what you say to this person, They may be digging for information to be used against you later.

Golden- Gold is the color of pure self-righteousness (in the good sense), spiritual fortitude. and divinity. May be a religious teacher, Jungian psychologist, therapist, faith healer or one who councils others on emotional spiritual matters.

Silver- Divine wisdom, protection or one who is surrounded by Angels, Spirit Guides, Sages, Healers etc. One who is here to heal or help others, possibly a spiritual or inspirational writer, teacher, life-coach, one who does seminars, etc.

Orange- (bright) sexual desire, focused or strength of will, positive assertion of power.

Dark Orange- negative assertion of power, Aggression, possible control freak, or power hungry personality. One with ulterior motives.

Purple-Blue- insightful, intuitive or psychic person. One who may be skilled in divination, healing, psychology etc. An empathetic and analytical person who is not judgmental.

Purple-Red-indicates immaturity, shyness, perhaps one who is more spiritually motivated than sexually driven.

Pink- a deep rich pink can often indicate feelings of romance, friendship, goodwill, true caring and empathy. This person is sincerely happy for the successes of other people.

Dark Pink or Magenta's- loyalty, commitment, understanding.

Blue-Bright- calming shades of blue denote relaxation retreat, mental calm. Also may indicate moments of spirituality.

Deep Blue- speaking and living true to thier beliefs, an honest person, one who gives sound advice and actually takes it themselves, speaks from personal experience rather than guessing.

Blue-Grey- shades mean withdrawn feelings, not listening (not to be rude to you but as in one who is somewhat numb emotionally), saddened, possibly recovering from deep depression.

Dark or Navy Blue- This indicates a very 'orderly' emotionally controlled person, who means well but appears outspoken and sometimes cold or emotionally distant. almost -military or rational-minded' person.

Bright Green- There is a green aura to money. Usually a nice verdant green indicates friendship, goodwill caring, sociability.

Medium Green- Fertility (as in fertile Earth in the spring & summer, in a financial sense), Hard worker, Earned or Honest Wealth, financial success, Prosperity. This is the person to take business advice from.

Dark Green-shades streaked with red can often indicate trust and jealousy issues. Possible theif, or one who will borrow money with no intention of repaying the lender. It may be this person is just surrounded by shady people too frequently.

Light Grey- onset of mild depression, grief possibly due to loss of loved one, or a recent relationship break up.

Medium Grey- depression, grief stricken, frustration, possible mental or physical illness.

Dark Grey-One who has literally lost hope, has dangerously low self-esteem. may have seriously contemplated or attempted suicide. This person is seriously hurting or suffering and needs immediate help. If you can not help this person, refer them to someone who can.

White- someone who is glowing very genuine, moment of happiness, recognition, pride, victory or glory. Possibly could be in a state of intense pain and receiving healing.

Black- guilt, shame, personal darkness, overcome with dark thoughts like seriously harming self or others, possible suicidal tendencies, mental anguish, revenge, violence etc. May be near death, terminal Illness, etc. Possibly just surrounded by darkness or dark people on a daily basis. See also Dark Grey.

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