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Candle Correspondences

My Candle Correspondences
Note: I am still in the process of adding to this list so please be patient.

-use in magick, spell and ritual workings for to invoke the Archangel Gabriel in order to clear your: auras, etheric cords (cords are attatched to your etheric body and the etheric bodies of everyone you bless and heal, Gabriel can either clear or cut these cords if the need for them no longer exists because the healing or blessing has been done), and chakra clearing. Gabriel also helps to charge your bath water for purification, divination, healing and anything else you could possibly need, I always bathe in Gabriels company, because he makes me feeI safe, refreshed, healed, protected and balanced enough to create harmony in all aspects of my life, and the lives of my loved ones.

- use in magick, spell and ritual workings for invoking the Goddess, absorbtion, to break up a blocked or stagnant situation, to cause a block in a negative situation, bidding, binding, banishing or absorbing negativity, severing, bond breaking, bringing justice, cursing, hexing, crossing, bringing or balancing bad karma, controlling negative energy, jealousy, revenge, summoning the dark femine powers from within (for example the powers and strengths of a woman scorned), feminine wrath, feminine healing enegry for healing female people, children plants and animals, nature and energy, shadow-self meditation, healing and protection from abuse and rape use with a purple and a white candle also), Protection, Warding, Repelling Negativity, Binding, Shapeshifting, leaving a relationship, acknowledging grief, forgiveness, menopause, the Crone Wisdom of age and experience, Reversing spells & rituals.

- use in magick, spell and ritual workings for invoking the Archangel Gabriel, Water Fairies and Elementals, the Power To Dare, element of Water, the direction of the West, the psychic healing, happiness, psychic awareness, inspiration and growth, inner and outer peace, wisdom, healing, self-knowledge, honor, loyalty, tranquillity, truth, wisdom, integrity, protection during sleep, astral, etheric and psychic projection, Dreams, Opening Blocked Communication, Wisdom, Protection, Spiritual Inspiration, Calm, Reassurance, going with the flow, Creativity, Artisrty, confidence, discover truth, expand mental horizons, success, and protection, draws and radiates Lunar, Pluto, Neptune, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces energies. Blue Day - Thursday, Planet - Jupiter.

- use in magick, spell and ritual workings for banishing depression, injustice, Opening Blocked Communication, Spiritual Inspiration, clearing psychic and spiritual blockages, neutralizing anger, jealousy and other negative and destructive emotions so they can be put into creative and productive use. Darker blues can be used to heal or cause Impulsiveness, Depression, Changeability, and Nightmares.

- use in magick, spell and ritual workings for help in faith, belief, devotional and inspirational meditations; brings peace and tranquility to the home, employ where a situation must be synthesized, light blue is a primary spiritual color, used also to gather wisdom, harmony, inner light, or peace, confirmation of truth and guidance, draws and raditates Lunar, Venus, Uranus, Cancer, Libra and Aquarius energies. Lighter Blues are also used for Understanding, Patience, Forgiveness & Health.

- use in magick, spell and ritual workings for laughter and joy, inner balance harmony and peace, tranquility, integrity, faithfulness, loyalty; draws and radiates Neptune, Ceres, and Lunar energies, or whenever an influence needs to be increased. Zodiac sign - Sagittarius.

- use in magick, spell and ritual workings for invoking the Archangel Uriel, Earth Fairies and Elementals, the Power Of Secrecy and Silence, the element Earth, the direction of the North, Barren Mother Earth (Winter & Autumn), Introspection, soul-searching, friendship with animals, nature spirits, plants and familiars, infertility, harvest, insomnia-to heal it, familiar pet and animal magick, locating lost objects, shapeshifting, bad luck, poverty, financial burden, debts, greed and jealousy, insecurity, self-conciousness, self-loathing. Infertility, Influencing friendships and family relationships, hunting, special favors, locating lost objects, home protection, pet protection, money, material increase, business ideas, and temporal or Earthly balance, grounding, centering and Earthing excess energies, draws and radiates Earth, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn energies. Security Keeps thing as they are. The darker the color the more stagnant things become.

- use in magick, spell and ritual workings for Passion, Money Goals, Professional Growth, Fertility in Business, Career Maneuvers, New Opportunities, copper can also be used as a subtitute for an orange candle.

- use in magick, spell and ritual workings for invoking the God, the Sun, masculine divinity within, masculine aspects of self, masculine prowess strength and powers of all kinds, masculine healing enegry for healing male people, children, plants and animals. Solar Gods and Deities, Solar cycles & influences, Gambling, Wealth, Promote Winning, Safety and Power of the Male, Happiness, Playful Humor, Worldly achievement, recognition.

[Table Of Mental Poisons]

1. Emotions Resentment. Bitterness. Hatred.
Symptoms: Skin rash. Blood disorders. Boils.
» To Cause: Black
» To Cure: White

2. Emotions Confusion. Anger. Frustration.
Symptoms: Common cold. Pneumonia.
All respiratory problems.
» To Cause: Red
» To Cure: Green

3. Emotions Anxiety. Inpatience. Greed.
Symptoms: High blood pressure. Ulsers.
Near sightedness. Deafness. Heart attacks.
» To Cause: Orange
» To Cure: Blue

4. Emotions Cynicism. Pessimism. Defeatism.
Symptoms: Low blood pressure. Anemia. Polio.
Diabetes. Leprosy. Kidney disorders. Low income.
» To Cause: Dark Blue
» To Cure: Pink

5. Emotions Revulsion. Fear. Guilt.
Symptoms: Accidents. Cancer. Bad Blood.
Stammering. Poor sex life. Failure. Poverty.
» To Cause: Sick Yellow/Green
» To Cure: White

6. Emotions Antagonism. Inferiority. Introversion.
Symptoms: Allergies. Heart murmur.
Headaches. Accidents. Lack of Friends.
» To Cause: Dark Gray/Black
» To Cure: Yellow


Adam and Eve Candle
Figure candles for love and marriage, usually in red or pink.

Altar Candles
These are usually taller and longer burning than the other candles used plus these are lit first and extinguished last.One to the left (female energies) and one the right (male energies) represent Deities. Gold for male and silver for female.

Cat Candle
For luck, hexing ,unhexing, Black for banishing bad luck, Red for lust,relationships, love and Green for pet healing or money,etc...

Flora Candles
Banishing and protection.

Novena Candle
seven to twelve day candle .A devotional candle with chants

Protection Candles
Any size will do but the color is important usually it`s white.

Seven Day Candle
Has seven "knobs", one on top of the other. Can be used when the Moon is Waxing or Waning and each knob can be separately dedicated. Each knob is to be used for a day and lasts a week.

Skull Candle
contacting your ancestors,persuasion,mental forms of all types.

Zodiac Candle
uses the appropriate attributes of the chosen zodiac sign to represent a person.
-Author Unknown

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