Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Love Spells

My Love Spells

Archangels' Spell Against False Love
Lord and Lady Up above,
Protect my heart from untrue love,
Keep me healthy, safe and strong,
Keep my faith in you where it belongs.
-Written By: Archangel 2005. © Copyright 2008 Born Again Wiccan. All Rights Reserved.

Archangels' Compelling Kiss Of Truth Spell
Mix your favorite lipstick with 1 drop of compelling oil while concentrating on hearing the truth from your lying lover.
While wearing the lipstick, kiss him, very passionately, with the sole intent of sucking the truth out of him.
After he says that was the best kiss he ever had, you can expect more honesty to pour forth from his lips.
Unless you're dating a pathological liar, or a pervert, you need only do this once:).
-Written By: Archangel 2006 © Copyright 2009 Born Again Wiccan. All Rights Reserved.

Archangel's Lovers' Dream Chant
"(Name of person), Love of my life
I summon Thee into my dreams tonight"
This spell works for lovers who have been separeted by physical distance.
-Written By: Archangel 2005. © Copyright 2009 Born Again Wiccan. All Rights Reserved.

Archangels Forgiveness Chant
"Change your heart, change your mind,
I never meant to be unkind;
Forgiveness now I ask Of Thee,
Make things the way they used to be.
Restore our bonds with open hearts,
Release all hurt & anger before it starts;
May all involved be one again,
There is no need for any pain.
Suffering now cease, I summon true love,
To rise up within us from the Gods above;
And change our hearts, change our minds,
Until true love is all we feel and find.
Surmount all obsticles in our paths,
Bind them from stirring and provoking wrath;
So be it done that it harm none,
blessing every single one.
By Karmic Power of three times three,
By The Lord, the Lady, and by Me;
By Earth, Air, Fire, Spirit and Sea,
I call forth a truce, So Mote it be."
-Written By: Archangel 2006. © Copyright 2009 Born Again Wiccan. All Rights Reserved.

Love Charm-Rose Agate-The Love Stone

I was taught that the Rose Agate Is One of the most powerful Love Stones on the planet, and that to attract love into your life, you should carry a Rose Agate on your person.

Likewise to keep your love fresh and passionate, you should put a Rose agate between your box-spring & matress, or, under your bed

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