Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Curses

My Curses

Chant To Cause A Headache

This Chant Is ONLY to be used in the event That you are Constantly and Deliberately being harrassed, stalked, sabotaged, betrayed, stressed, manipulated or harmed by a person you thought you could trust. If you cast it for any other reason, just because you are diappointed, or pissed off at someone, Then You will be rewarded with having caused YOURSELF a Horrible Headache that will NOT go away until you undo this chant.. and you are on your own with that part!
"(Name of person) Hear Me well,
For you have purposely made my life a hell.
All you've done to stress and hurt me, I now send back to you,
Now you reap all that you've sown, And you may keep this headache too.
-Written By Archangel 2006. © Copyright 2009 Born Again Wiccan. All Rights Reserved.

Archangel's Purging Curse
This spell is a curse, designed to help you let go of all of the emotional stress and pain a person has caused you. especially if this person ruined your life and you are having troube starting over.
The Spell: Light a black candle, and while summoning every bit of pain that loser caused you, chant the following...
"By Karmic Power Of 3x3,
All Pain You've Caused Returns To Thee;
There Is Nowhere For You To Hide,
Your Fate The Gods Alone Decide."
Snuff out the candle with your fist by just slamming it onto the flame. Use your projective/right hand. This will release all of the anger & hurt you're feeling and send it back to the idiot who caused it.
-Written By Archangel 2004. © Copyright 2009 Born Again Wiccan. All Rights Reserved.

Archangel's Freezer Spell
To Get rid of Annoying Visitors & Unwanted Company. Especially those who deliberately deprive you of peace & quiet and privacy.
Items Needed:
Permanent Marker,
1 white candle & a lighter or matches to light it.
A Piece of paper large enough to write down the Name(s) of each person you want frozen out of your life).
A LARGE ziplock freezer bag-Bigger is better if freezing more than 1 person.
3 cups water
The Spell: On the paper write the name of every person you want frozen out of your life! (NEVER EVER freeze the persons photograph!) Light the candle and pour the wax over the paper. Allow wax to dry completely. Put the paper in the bag, fill the bag 1/2 full of water & zip it closed. Lay it flat, remove as much air as possible. Once paper is completely covered with water, double check the bag to make sure it is sealed tightly and place in freezer. It's very important that the paper STAYS immersed in the water! If the wax causes it to float, wait until the water is 1/2 frozen, and carefully place the paper in between the ice. * You can always add more water if needed, after it's frozen:) The person/people will stay out of your life for as long as the bag remains frozen. To undo this spell: Simply thaw out the bag, discard the water, remove the paper & dry it out.
Written By Archangel- 2000, Copyright Born Again Wiccan 2009. All rights Reserved.

Archangel's Karmic Curse
I wrote this curse for a dear friend of mine who's life was destroyed by an evil cult of witches. I have hexed them with the following spell I wrote (which will cause them harm, but it is due harm, and it speeds up the karma process). I did this because upon praying about it, I recieved confirmation that there are still some in hiding.
"Bring swift karma 3x3,
upon all who have caused this suffering.
your time has come, and justice sent,
I curse ye thrice thy worst intent.
I dig you out from where you hide,
your fates the Gods alone decide."
-Written By archangel 2009 & copyright 2009 Born Again Wiccan. All Rights reserved.


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