Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Finding Spells

My Finding Spells

Archangels' Prayer To St.Anthony-Finding Lost Objects
When I was about 6 years old, I lost something @ my Grandmothers house. She Taught me the following chant & I found it instantly. I have used it ever since:) She Said "St Anthony is the finder of lost objects. To ask for his help, Chant the following:
"Tony, Tony, Look around, My lost (whatever), has been found"
-Written By: Archangel 2006 © Copyright 2009 Born Again Wiccan. All Rights Reserved.

Archangels' Silver String Spell For Lost Objects
Normally I use my pendulum to find lost objects, and in the event that I don't have it handy, this is what I've always done...
When You've lost something, visualize a silver string wrapped around the object, & the other end of the string wrapped around your hand. Chant The Following While You Search:
"Bound and binding, Binding bound,
See the sight, Hear the sound,
What once was lost, now is found,
Bound and binding, Binding bound."
Usually I find it within 3-5 minutes. If that doesn't work for you, keep chanting & try pulling any slack out of the string, and then just follow it with your minds' eye. You can even reel it in as if you're fishing in your minds' eye, this works just as well:) I've done all of the above many times and it always works for me so I thought I'd pass it on.
-Written By: Archangel 2006 © Copyright 2009 Born Again Wiccan. All Rights Reserved.


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