Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Weather Spells

My Weather Spells

Archangel's Chant For Sunshine

"Grandfather Sun, come out and play
And Kiss all the plants in my garden today."

Rain Chants

#1-> To Make It Rain

"Rain, Rain, come out and play,
Please don't wait another day!"

#2-> To Stop/Avoid Rain
Rain, Rain go/stay away
Come play with me another day:)

-Written By Archangel ( I wrote these when I was a little girl Happy ) © Copyright 2009 Born Again Wiccan. All Rights Reserved.

Archangels' Spell To Stay Dry In A Rain Storm
A Wise friend of mine, Steve, once taught me that to stay dry in the rain all you have to do is harden your aura. I tried it and it works:) The more I concentrated on hardening my aura, the less wet I got. It was like having an invisible umbrella:) Try it, it takes practice but it really works.
-Original Author- My Good Friend Steve:)
-Written By: Archangel 2006 © Copyright 2009 Born Again Wiccan. All Rights Reserved.


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