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Archangels Almanac For October 2006

I've been meaning to chart more almanacs since this one below but have been a busy bee doing everything but, so one of these days I intend to MAKE TIME to get a current one done up. So heres a flashback while you're waiting, lol...

Archangels Almanac For October 2006:)

I conjured this puppy today out of thin air to help all of us to understand what in Hekates' name is the reasoning behind the current chaos within our personal lives and Magickal workings. Because I Have Just Added the Almanac Today Sat-Oct-28-2006, Only The Present & Future Findings For This month are listed in Almanac, the rest have been omitted to avoid confusion, and to provide a more helpful and much needed current reading:) The Almanac Is Strictly My own Work: Hence The Magickal Name 'Lady Astoria' Given to me Many Moons Ago By my Sister Boudicca:) So Now You Will See Why...

Spells For October:
In all honesty, Since Mercury Is in retrograde (moving backwards), as of today, I urge that you refrain from casting any spells that you would otherwise normally cast this month, with the exception of the traditional Day Of The Dead & Samhain Rites. Spells are unfortunately likely to backfire this month, and knowing this now can save you a lot of heartache:)

Deities For October: Hekate & Hades, Isis & Osiris.

Gems For October:
Opal & Tourmaline, and this year I also suggest carrying some Tiger Eye & Hematite due to the need for grounding all of the scattered, nervous energy & tensions that are currently in the air, the hematite will help to ease the physical pain your body will otherwise suffer from the amount of chaos, disorder and stress caused by the current planetary allignments.

Planetary Transits For October 2006:
Times Here Are In Eastern Daylight Time...
10/02 Mercury enters Scorpio 0:38am
10/06 Aries Full Moon 2:10am
10/22 Libra New Moon 1:14am
10/23 Sun enters Scorpio 9:27am
10/23 Mars enters Scorpio 12:38pm
10/24 Venus enters Scorpio 5:58am
10/28 Mercury Retrograde 3:16pm
10/29 Neptune Direct 2:57am
10/29 Daylight Savings Time ends
10/30 Day Of The Dead Festival
10/31 Samhain/Hallowmas/Halloween


When Mercury (The Planet Ruling Technology & Communication) turns retrograde (Starts moving Backwards) Today, Bad News, Arguments, Hard Feelings, Misunderstandings & Mix ups are afoot. Today will feel exceptionally shitty for some, if not all because nothing, and I mean nothing, seems to go your way, you will be clutzy, forgetful, and just prone to snap at the drop of a hat (because of Mars and Venus being in Scorpio:)

This Causes GRAND conspiracy theories to arise over minor
coincidence, and over suspiciousness in all of us, not because we are nuts, but because deep down, we are all feeling extremely vulnerable and are taking everything more personal than usual. My heart goes out to those poor souls: seeming caught red handed who will be in the "it's not what you think situation" but trying to explain it will make things worse because they will trip over their words and appear untruthful. If it helps, October in general is the time of year when everyone begins their descent into the underworld to do that souls earching.

Smell That Fresh Samhain Air, I Love It:) We all do, it marks our New Year and the Magick and Wonder of What Lies ahead for us all, Especially this year with Neptune turning Direct today. We Can't seem to get anything right by Talking, so we will find ourselves daydreaming, healing and meditating, which is just what the Shaman ordered considering Yesterday, and the forecast ahead:)

Day Of The Dead: Today is the day that those of us who choose to, perform a day time ritual, throw a VIP party Honoring The Dead, and share our loving memories of all of our deceased ancestors, with our living friends & Family. If you've sent out your invites, don't be discouraged or angry if very few or no one shows up, Mercury is behind this mix up & they likely have been misplaced, or not received yet:)

Samhain begins on the 31st. The Moon will be in Pisces & Mercury is still moving backward so the temptation to party a little too hard may overwhealm those with weaker resolve. Please remember what samhain is about, and that being intoxicated on this particular eve, with these planetary alignments in full effect, wether you cast an ultra-protective circle or not, leaves you wide open to semi and or full possession:)

Be Mindful this Samhain & watch carefully what you say and whom you say it to as Mercury is still moving backwards in the sign of Scorpio, making people of all signs suspicious of everyone & Everything, over-sensitive & easily offended.

Because the energy level is exasperatingly high this Samhain and with so much going on in Scorpio people are at their worst, and few can actually control it, even a small misunderstanding can potentially cost you a relationship with a loved one, if you are not quick to do damage control. I hate to be the prophet of doom here, But I am Certain ALL who have read this, know exactly what I mean.

Just Remember, Neptune is Direct, and perhaps its time to do more thinking, planning, Journaling, Writing & Daydreaming or delve into your favorite hobbies, to help you ground yourself in these chaotic times. Believe me when I advise you that trying to fix what is broken THIS INSTANT, will backfire and worsen the situation. As they say in a major crisis "Try To Remain Calm" Remember dear ones, This too shall pass:) Above all be extra Kind and Patient with yourself and others, we are all feeling panicked and technically Not ourselves;)

Have A Safe and Happy Samhain
With Love and Blessings from Your Resident Archangel:)

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