Thursday, July 16, 2009

Controlling Your Energy Flow

Try The Following Exercises For Controlling Your Energy Flow...

STEP ONE-Get comfortable and relax.
STEP TWO-Next close your eyes and visualize that your visual body is standing in front of your physical body.
STEP THREE-Then see a bright and powerful light surrounding your visual body.
STEP FOUR-Then see that bright light drawing into your visual body until your visual body is full with that energy.
STEP FIVE-Then see your visual body entering your physical body.
STEP SIX-Next hold your hand out and push that energy out of your fingertips.
STEP SEVEN-Then draw that energy back into your fingertips.
STEP EIGHT-Then do this exercise with your other hand and both of your feet.
REMEMBER-To feel at one with the earth at all times because the earth is your friend. Make sure you do this exercise until you have mastered the ability to control your energy only then move on to the next exercise.

INTRODUCTION-For this exercise you will need a large body of water or you can do this exercise in a bath tub.
STEP ONE- I want you to place your hands in the water and hold them there.
STEP TWO-Then close your eyes and visualize that there is a bright light around your physical body and draw that light energy into centre of your physical body.
STEP THREE-Then in your own time see that light energy moving into your right hand and hold it there for a moment.
STEP FOUR-Now make sure that both your right hand and left hand are about one foot away from each other and in your own time push energy out of your fingers through the water and into your left hand and hold it there for a moment.
STEP FIVE-Then push that energy back through the water and back into your right hand and hold it there for a moment.
STEP SIX-Do steps four and five a couple of times and as you do so feel your energy and your control over your energy growing.

STEP ONE-Sit down on the floor, Get comfortable and relax.
STEP TWO-Next close your eyes and visualize yourself as a flower.
STEP THREE-Now visualize that the petals of the flower are closing back into a bulb.
STEP FOUR-Remember to make sure that the bulb is not too tight because if it is you may get a headache.
STEP FIVE-When you have made the flower into a bulb your energy system will be fine-tuned.
REMEMBER-Do this exercise as often as you wish.

INTRODUCTION-The wingmaker uses the life force energy read to confirm the existence of life in one our world and in interstellar travel when visiting other worlds. see all of the universe and the parallel universe gift of life force on every level of existence right down to the smallest atom and this exercise will help you master this technique and will give you a better understanding of life it's self So try both the physical exercise and with your visual body exercise and make sure you master both.
STEP ONE-I want you to get comfortable and relax.
STEP TWO-Then close your eyes and visualize that you are in a beautiful forest with trees and plant life all around you.
STEP THREE-Now i want you to hold out your right hand and focus your mind on touching the forest around you with your energy.
STEP FOUR-Now draw some of the life force energy from this forest into your hand. As you do so stretch out your feelings you should feel a tingling sensation in your hand if so then well done you are doing this exercise right that feeling means there is life force present.
STEP FIVE-When you are ready open your eyes.

STEP ONE- I want you to find a form of plant life.
STEP TWO-Then hold out your hand and push energy out your hand and touch that plant life with your energy.
STEP THREE-Then stretch out your feelings and feel the life force energy of this plant life. you will know if you are doing this right because you will feel that tingling sensation in your hand if so then well done.

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