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Zen Archangelism COSW 06 What To Do About Differing Beliefs...

The Chronicles Of Super Witch 06-> What To Do About Differing Beliefs...
Being a 3rd Degree High Priestess, who has had to help many Christian people, I have learned to respect people from all walks of life.

When I am blessing a home or Christian person, I do so in a Christian manner because it gives their spirit PEACE. Everyone deserves comfort, especially in their own home. I would never presume to flaunt witchcraft in front of a devout Christian because it SCARES them. Deliberately frightening a person is considered harming them in my opinion.

Having studied for years, My approach to the Craft is an Eclectic one, wherein I LEARN about ALL religions, so that I can better help others from all walks of life.

I may hold different beliefs personally, however I do not let What I believe to be correct/right/true become MORE IMPORTANT than the person before me who is asking me for help.

I am secure in my own beliefs and my own Faith is unshakable. For that reason, I try to restore that same level of faith in others by getting them back to their own spiritual ROOTS whatever they may be:)

The same holds true in relationships when two people are in love but have different beliefs. If you are motivated by LOVE, you will support your partner, and vice versa:) There is a Middle ground, Its called balance, when you get to the point where you feel " I love you so much it doesn't matter."

If that kind of loving approach can be taken with everyone, in a brotherly/sisterly love fashion, I see no reason WHY we can't all just get along:)

Becoming self-righteous is counter productive and cuts you off from being able to help others, much less recognizing those who need you. And defeats your purpose of being here:)

Whenever you catch yourself Judging another for what they do or don't believe, you must actively push those thoughts out of your head as quickly as they entered and ELEVATE.

So if there's one other thing I can teach you right now, it's to consider the source of those judgements. Where are they coming from?

And as my beloved friend whom I love like my brother Adam once said to me: "By all means TEST the spirit behind any teaching or information you receive."

I think becoming more tolerant and accepting of the beliefs of others is WHY my faith became unshakable, and Just wanted to pass this along;)

-Archangel Tanahmera
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