Thursday, July 16, 2009

Raising Your Vibration

How to work with Divine Energy to Raise Your Personal Vibration Rate
by St.Germain

Everything is made of Divine Energy. Even scientist will all agree that everything in creation, when broken down to its smallest component, exists as pure energy. The faster the energy vibrates within an object the less dense that object is physically. Everything on the Earth vibrates within a certain range of frequency and the human senses can easily perceive in some way most things on the Earth within that range.

One of the reasons why people cannot perceive higher dimensions is because they are vibrating at a frequency rate that is outside of the range of most human capabilities of perception. Think of a dog whistle; even though you can't hear it, you know the sound is real because you can watch your dog react to it.

It is the same way with people perceiving Higher Dimensional Beings and the Higher Dimensions. For most of the people on the Earth right now it is beyond their range of perception. But some people have raised their own vibration rate to be closer to that of their Family of Light and the Higher Dimensions that people have incarnated to the Earth from.

Your Higher Self also exists at this higher rate of vibration and the closer you are in vibration to your Higher Self the easier it is to be merged back with them on a physical and conscious level. Raising your frequency level also enables you to more easily work with your Divine Guidance, The Christ, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

You can raise your personal vibration by doing specific energy work with your Higher Self and Guides of Light. This frequency raising energy work can be done by everyone, and is being done in many ways naturally on an ongoing basis as the vibration of the Earth is being raised in preparation for the Ascension.

If you would like to speed your personal vibration rate of ascent you can make that a goal to accomplish with your Higher Self and Guides of Light. Set aside time specifically to work on this with them. It helps if you have clear goals and consciously know that this is the work that is being done with you.

To do this work sit or lay in a comfortable position. Invite in your Higher Self and Guides of Light. Ask them to help you raise your vibration rate at a speed that is most appropriate for you. They know you well and will do what work is most needed in each session.

You can start out by connecting with them through your chakras. Picture a bright White Light above you and emanating down through your crown chakra. Know that this is the Divineenergy that your Higher Self and Guides will be using to work with you. See the White Light slowly shining down through all of your chakras and then spreading throughout your entire body and surrounding you as it fills your aura.

At this point you should be well connected with your Higher Self and Guides of Light. Try to stay in a meditative state of mind and relax and let them work with you. If you are sensitive to the energy you may feel it strongly in different parts of your body as the work is progressing. Do not worry if the energy becomes intense form time to time. Your Higher Self and Guides have complete control over it and it cannot hurt you in any way. They will always use the appropriate amount of Divine Energy to help you accomplish your goals.

You do not have to be consciously aware or understand each and every step of the work that your Higher Self and Guides of Light are doing with you in each session. All you have to do is hold the intention of doing the work and trust that from your Higher Self, your true full Self you will accomplish all of the work required for you to meet your personal goals of Ascension.

If you are just starting out and are unable to perceive the energy physically yet trust that by your intention you are doing all of the work required for you to progress as your Higher Self knows is perfect for you. After you are doing this energy work for a while you will begin to feel the energy as perhaps a tingle, a warmth, or a gentle current running through you. It is very individual how each person perceives the energy and to what degree they are sensitive to it. Be patient with yourself and give yourself time to progress in your energy work. It is a step by step process for everyone and everyone will go at a pace that is perfect for them.

We encourage you to take some time each day to connect with your Higher Self and Guidance to do this work. Even if the only time that you have is right before you go to sleep at night. This work can continue during your sleep, and in fact it is not uncommon to fall asleep at any time of day while doing the energy work, and that can even be quite helpful and facilitating to the work at times.

You may also call upon Sananda, the Archangels, and Ascended Masters to assist you in your vibrational raising work. They can help you to reach your goals as fast as you would like to. Doing this type of work with them will also help you to establish good energetic and conscious connections with them so that they can better help to support you in all of your spiritual work and life.

St. Germain

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