Saturday, September 5, 2009

Earth Angels...

Earth Angels...

If you could see what I can see,
sometimes you'd beg God/dess to be blind;
Past, Present And future,
I see clearly inside my mind.

I feel how hurt and broken your heart is,
I hear your spirit cry for peace;
I receive the thoughts you direct to me,
And all I want is to bring you ease.

You can disbelieve every word I say,
deny to yourself what I say is true;
I can still reach deep inside your soul,
I hear your angels plead with you.

They are asking you to listen, please,
Open your heart wide, PUSH IT as far as it will go;
Let your soul light shine bright enough
to find God/dess inside yourself, and grow.

If you continue running away like you are,
while fear manipulates your heart;
You'll end up in more pain than you can bear
to find yourself stuck back at the start.

I'm not reaching out to hurt or scare you,
or cause you stress or pain;
I want you to know that all of your suffering,
has not been survived in vain.

God/dess has a purpose for you,
Blessed Earth Angels that you are;
And His/Her Love for you exceeds all else,
it is written in the stars.

You're future is safe and protected,
regardless of what you choose to do;
So long as you trust your intuition,
it was given to protect you.

And remember when you feel alone,
an army of Angels is at your side;
They form a ring of protection around you
where only God/dess 's true love can abide.

But when your heart is closed,
their blessings roll off of you like rain;
You repel the very healing you're asking for,
while fear attacks and controls your brain.

Whenever you're feeling hurt and angry,
lonely, worthless, depressed or used;
I want you to know you can come to me
when you are beat down and abused.

I can handle the worst in you,
I can make you see the best;
When you're tortured by insomnia,
I will lay your pain to rest.

You do not walk this earth alone,
I am ALWAYS here for you;
So take my hand in friendship
and I will pull you through.

Brightest Blessings, Love & Squishes
-Tanahmera Rutledge
Copyright Born Again Wiccan 2009. All Rights reserved.

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