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Zen Archangelism COSW 07 Love Spells And Why I Hate Them...

The Chronicles Of Super Witch 07-> Love Spells And Why I Hate Them...
Archangels' Warning:) Although I've posted several of them in my groups, I personally despise love spells, and I've listed my reasons below..

Most people who perform love spells do so with the intent of making someone else 'fall in love with them'. Not only is this unnatural in my opinion, but it's also morally wrong. There are also other cases in which a person genuinely has loving feelings toward someone else, and they have no idea if the other person feels the same about them so they cast love spells or truth spells to find out. The problem with doing this is that nothing ever goes according to plan. I think if you must cast any spell, cast a spell for the courage and articulation you will need to reveal your own feelings to the object of your affections. If the person feels the same, that's fantastic. If not, ask why, maybe, its just bad timing. Who knows, but that doesn't mean you can't be friends with this person. If a love spell seems like the only way to help you right now, it's only because you chose to feel that way.

My biggest issue with love spells is this: Few consider the RIGHTS (such as free will) and FEELINGS of the person they're about to hex. I used to feel completely insulted when others would ask me to do a love spell for them and so & so. I would refuse and then cite every risk I could think of in hopes of changing their minds. It seldom worked. So Here is some food for thought instead...

Questions You Should Ask Yourself First:)
Ask yourself the following questions (and be willing to answer them Honestly), Before attempting to do a love spell on anyone (yourself included). Keeping in mind that I'm not judging you, or trying to force my opinions on you. I AM, however, helping you to get in touch with your soul and be your own judge:)

* What if that person loves someone else?
* What if the person he/she does love is in fact his/her soulmate?
* How would you feel if someone stole your soulmate from you?
* What if it works and he/she is NOT the one for you after all?
* What if he/she becomes obsessed with you?
* How deserving of your love would you consider someone who did this to you?
* Do you really believe you can just undo it once it has been done?
* What if he/she commits suicide or murder because you decided you 'don't want them anymore'?
* Can you honestly live with something like that on your conscience, and why would you choose to do so?
* Did you realize 'Because I love him/her' is NOT an appropriate answer because this is clearly not an act of love?
* Has it occurred to you why a person who would do this is evidently undeserving of the partner they seek to possess?
* Do you realize people are not toys or possessions you can just play with & throw out/give away when you're bored?
* Are you willing to take responsibility for the thoughts, words and actions of this other person after you cast the spell?
* Do you realize that love spells are 'Caging Spells' and serve to strip people of free will so they become subject to your will?
* Do you really believe you have the right to do that to anyone, or that anyone else has the right to do that to you?
* Have you seriously considered the harm this will assuredly cause all involved?
* At which point did you decide you alone knew what was 'best' for another person?
* Have you ever thought to yourself 'This is crazy!' ? Did you realize you were probably right?
* Do you have enough money to pay for the years of therapy you and your subject will require, (probably for the rest of your lives), to undo the damage these so called love spells cause?
* Have you REALLY convinced yourself that you can HANDLE the Bad Karma you're bringing to yourself by following through with this?
* Do you realize that using magick to make Him/Her YOURS at any cost is selfish and a misuse of power that you will be severely punished by Karma for?
* Think of a person you despise. How PISSED would you be if THAT person pulled the same loser move on you?
*What are you going to do when this person figures out what you've done and turns on you? And believe me he/she Will end up being your worst and most dangerous enemy, its only a matter of time and you only have yourself to blame for it.

If you still want to do a love spell, scroll down.....
I strongly advise AGAINST ingesting any plant, flower/herb/incense ash without knowing the following:)
* exactly what the ingredients are
* whether or not the herbs and/or plants have been chemically treated,
* whether they are safe or toxic.

-Archangel Tanahmera
All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

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