Saturday, January 23, 2010

2 More Floor Wash Recipes

Spring Water Floor Wash
An excellent floor wash can be made by crushing a dozen white eggshells into a fine powder and adding a gallon of spring water. If this is applied to the floor following a good spiritual cleansing, it will aid in preventing the accumulation of spiritually negative forces. The room should be cleaned thoroughly first to get rid of the dirt, then mopped to promote spiritual cleansing. This would be considered a final rinse.

Floor Wash
What You Need:
Large Bucket
Flora from around your house, area, neighborhood etc. (flower petals, tall sweet grass, pine needles, leaves, small sticks even weeds.)
6 drops of Honey
Sturdy Wooden Spoon
Collecting the flora... I usually recommend doing this at early springtime but it works anytime of the year to get things started! Fill the bucket about halfway with the flora you have discovered and then fill the bucket until the water covers the flora by at least an inch.... drop in the drops of honey and stir it all up with the spoon. Let the contents settle. Mop or scrub an already cleaned floor surface with the water in the bucket. There will be flower petals, grass blades, leaves and things all over the floor. Let it dry and then sweep all the flora up into a dust pan and throw it out the door. This cleanses your home of any negativity present and also opens a doorway for prosperity to flow in. You can repeat this as much as you wish but it only took one time for me to see results and now I do it each spring.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zen Archangelism COSW 09 Demystifying Chain Letters

Zen Archangelism The Chronicles Of Super Witch 09-> Demystifying Chain Letters

I'm sure I speak for nearly everyone when I state that I despise chain letters. We've all been the recipient of information we never wanted or needed at the hands of those who are enchanted by the stupid things.

Allow me to explain what those who do believe them are failing to see. Chain letters are ALL bullshit. The heart wrenching stories, the death threats, the misfortune and the list goes on.

The only REAL power a chain letter has is POS (power of suggestion). They suggest that something good will happen to you and your loved ones if you forward them, and that something bad or unwanted will befall you and your loved ones should you choose not to pass them on. So, don't waste your precious time even reading them, they are designed to manipulate you and everyone else who reads them.

When I receive a chain letter, I delete it without reading it, because, honest to God, I don't care about the bullshit that some loser with an overactive imagination & too much free time feels the need to harass millions of people with. The only way to break the spell of chain letters is to see them for the lies they are and refuse to pass them on no matter how wonderful the reward sounds and how devastating the consequences sound. NEITHER ONE WILL HAPPEN.

They do not in any way affect your life, or the lives of others except to annoy and upset everyone who gets them. So do yourself and everyone else a favor by refusing to pass them forward.

-Archangel Tanahmera
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