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Powder Dirt & Dust Recipes Master List A-Z

Powder Dirt & Dust Recipes Master List A-Z

For all of these recipes, when a specific amount is not listed, I simply combine equal parts of each of the herbs called for, (unless otherwise specified in a recipe), and grind in your magical coffee grinder, add some essential oil and mix them into a base of rice flour or corn starch. A bit of paint powder can be used if you like your powers color-coordinated with their intent. Also,you can use talc if you have it readily available but you will find that it is cheaper to use the alternatives presented here plus safer if you have children around the house or are sensative to inhalants.


Powder & Dust Recipes A

-This powder from Hoodoo is used to attract love by dusting the body with it before going out or for luck in gambling by dusting the hands before gambling. Vanilla Oil, Patchouli, Cinnamon.

-Used to attract love by dusting the body with it before going out. Vanilla Oil, Patchouli, Orris.

-To attract luck in a hurry.For luck in gambling ,dust the hands before going out to play. Dust your body for luck in general Wintergreen Oil, Patchouli, Cinnamon.

-A Wiccan powder intended to assist your attempts at astral projection. Sprinkle on the bedsheets before sleeping. Sandalwood, Mugwort, Cinnamon.

-Another recipe from Hoodoo, this one is used for prophetic dreams by sprinkling on your sheets before going to bed. Licorice, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Corriander.

Powder & Dust Recipes B


-This is another of my own recipes, it's an all purpose blend for healing, blessing, banishing and protection. It effectively rids my home of unwelcome visitors, both in spirit & in the flesh. I use it to sprinkle in every window sill, doorway, and any uncomfortable or 'cold' spots in my home.
Combine 9 large pinches of each of the following herbs and spices: Frankincense, Patchouli & Sandalwood (<< For these 3, I buy incense sticks & scrape it off, because it's really hard to crush incense cones by hand), 9 whole bay leaves, (crumpled as small as possible), St Johns wort (buy a bottle of powdered capsuls, open 9 -1 at a time- spilling contents into mixture), sulfer, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper, black pepper, thyme, basil, parsley, cumin ground, yellow mustard ground, flax seed, turmeric powder, mint, rosemary, sage, nutmeg, clove, allspice, garlic, chili, table salt, and sea salt.
Grind by hand using a mortar and pestil while focusing in all of its purposes, like the blessings you desire, the illnesses you want healed, the company you wish to banish, and those you require protection from.
You can also write an empowering chant to be recited at least 9 times while mixing. I chose the number 9 to represent the karmic power of 3 times 3.
This has also worked extremely well for me so I thought I would pass it on aswell. All of the above ingredients are non toxic (except sulfur), easy to find, inexpensive, and most of them are probably already in your spice rack or are 'normal' kitchen spices:) This recipe makes a 3 year supply if stored in a sealed glass jar. Use every full moon. -Written By: Archangel 2006

-Hoodoo has some interesting names for their preparations. This one is intended to send evil back to the sender, break hexes and make others do your bidding. Rose, Frankincense, Vetivert, Honeysuckle. For added protection, use a base of graveyard dirt.

-This is also from Hoodoo. The powder can be sprinkled or used as a floor wash for general blessing & cleansing. Lavender, Silver Magnetic Powder, Ylang Ylang, Musk.

-This is my own all pupose blesing blend to be sprinkled as needed anywhere on your clothing, bedding, in your car or your home.
Combine 9 equal parts of the following 9 herbs: 1-Frankincense, 2-Myrrh, 3-Sandalwood, 4-Cinnamon, 5-Garlic, 6-Sage, 7-St. Johns wort, 8-Thyme, 9-Turmeric. Grind by hand using a mortar and pestil while focusing on all of the blessings you desire.
You can also write an empowering chant to be recited at least 9 times while mixing. I chose the number 9 to represent the karmic power of 3 times 3. This has worked extremely well for me so I thought I would pass it on. -Written By: Archangel 2006

Powder & Dust Recipes C

-Coconut, Lavender, Violet, Black Pepper, Ginseng. Add ground herbs to a rice flour/corn starch base. Used to confuse enemies by sprinkling it in a zig-zag pattern in their path, home, on their doorstep or clothing. Use a very small 'invisible' amount.

- This powder should be sprinkled over the head and about the home when a change of fortune is needed. When carried in a little yellow paper envelope to meetings and interviews it I said to draw the energies of success to the bearer, it is also used to make a success charm which is listed here.
You Will Need: 11 ingredients:
1: One Part Basil Powder,
2: One Part Spearmint Powder,
3: One Part Aniseed Powder,
4: One Half Part Of Nutmeg Powder,
5: Five Parts Of Talcum Powder,
6: One-Eighth Part Of Citronella Essential Oil,
7: A Glass Jar, 8: An Apple Corer (For The Charm),
9: Pen And Paper (For The Charm),
10: An Apple (For The Charm),
11: White Wine (For The Charm). The Powder: Place all of the ingredients above minus the apple corer, apple, pen, paper and white wine into a glass jar.
The Charm:
Write a brief description of your goal or aim onto a tiny piece of paper and roll the paper into a miniature scroll. Using an apple corer, bore a hole halfway into an apple and retain the piece of apple removed.
Insert the scroll into the hold together with a sprinkling of cornucopia powder and replace the apple 'plug' removed when drilling the hole into the apple.
Place the apple in a jar and cover it completely with white sugar and white wine, place the lid on the jar and pray for success.
Put the jar beneath the bed or within a bedside cabinet, as the apple, sugar and wine ferments, so too does the energy of your goal.
-Author Unknown

-Crossing crystal salts for putting in the laundry of the person you want to hex, performing a ritual floor wash, or used as incense for fumigating an area to be cursed. Salt, cayenne & black pepper, sulphur, graveyard dirt, crossroads dirt, ashes, crushed snail shells, spider webs, crushed insects, unravelled hemp rope, gum arabic, rattlesnake dust (powdered shed skin of a rattlesnake), black hen's eggs, and other herbs and essences.
Crossing is a strongly African concept in hoodoo, a sub-set of the tradition known as direct foot-track magic, whereby one can affect another by:
1-gathering up their foot-print dirt and working with it,
2-causing them to step upon or walk across something evil, such as Crossing Powder or Hot Foot Powder,
3-causing them to contact with their foot something that will bend them to your will (e.g. Court Case Root or Essence of Bend-Over Powder),
4-placing something in their shoe or sock to harm them, such as Goofer Dust,
5-collecting one of their socks and washing it in Crossing Crystals or
6-working candle-magic with it. for example, by burning a glass-encased DUME (Death Unto My Enemies) or Black List candle dressed with a combination of Crossing Oil and magic herbs for harming.
The word "Crossing" has several meanings in the hoodoo tradition. In its original form, it refers to laying down a trick in a "quincunx" "five-spot" or "X" pattern or creating a "cross-mark," such as a circle with an "X" through it, to "poison" an enemy who steps in it. Crossing is thus a form of direct foot-track magic and it may be the oldest and most African of this type of spell.
Cross-marks and "wavy snake lines" intended to hurt an enemy can be laid down with small stones, inscribed in the dust with a sharp stick, or drawn with chalk or sprinkled on a sidewalk or street. The marks are placed in the foot path of the victim and activated by spitting into them while cursing the one for whom they are laid.
What happens to innocent people who walk over such marks is a matter of debate. Some folks will tell you that the cross-mark only affects the one it was put down for -- but almost as many people will tell you to never walk across such a mess when you see it, because you just might get crossed or "hurt through your feet" anyway.
Jinxing includes all the forms of crossing mentioned above, and is sometimes used as a synonym for crossing, but it also includes a few other tricks. For instance, people who have been verbally cursed, have had their foot-tracks whipped, have had black candles burned on their names, have been "throwed after" (that is, had bad-luck herbs, sachet powders, or minerals thrown behind their backs by their enemies after they passed by).
Those who have been "dressed" or "poisoned" or "throwed for" with powders, insects, snake dust, or spiders secretly placed on their are usually said to be Jinxed. In theory, while only a person who actually steps across a cross-mark or a trick laid in "quincunx" pattern could be said to be literally "crossed" or suffering from "crossed conditions," in practice those terms have almost become synonyms for jinxing and are casually applied to anyone who is jinxed or is undergoing bouts of bad luck and trouble, even if the cause is not known. For a list of ways to reverse its effects, see 'Undo Crossing powder'below.
To buy some crossing powder go to:

Powder & Dust Recipes D

-Burnt ashes from palm leaves, Holy water, Beer, Myrrh, Lavender, color: Black.
Another very powerful powder used for hexing an individual you dislike.
Sprinkle on burning incense while repeating his/her name nine times.
Use with extreme caution.
-from "The Magickal Formulary" by Herman Slater © 1999 Herman Slater

-This Hoodoo powder is used to overcome inhibitions and increase pleasure when sprinkled on your lover. Sandalwood, Rose, Melon Oil.

-Another of my own recipes, this one wards off the temptation to dabble in the black arts & all who practice them. It also gets rid of any back stabbing friends you may have. It returns any negative energies or spells sent toward you straight back to those who conjured them.
To use this powder, keep it in a small glass bottle (I use a cleaned 10ml oil bottle), and carry it in one of your pockets, (or purse), wherever you go. Sprinkle it in your own laundry, home & car. If the opportunity arises, sprinkle a small pinch of it in the footprints, home, or clothes of those who wrong you. You'll find they suddenly seem to be extremely busy, overworked, moving, or self-absorbed they will find better things to do than destroy your life anymore.
Mix equal parts of: sage, dirt from the grave of an ancestor, frankincense, sea salt & 3 drops of dragons blood oil.
-Written By: Archangel 2006

-A single ingredient powder from Hoodoo that is to be sprinkled around your home to prevent anyone from hexing you and reverse all evil spells. Dragon's Blood. Remember, this will stain.

-To attract good luck and assistance of all good spirits when performing magical work. Sprinkle on altar. Jasmine, Violet, Lavender, Add to a base of confectioners sugar.

Powder & Dust Recipes E

-A special blend which allows you to relax while others do your work. Sprinkle on any person you wish to gain control over. Lets you dominate their thoughts. Gum Mastic, Cloves, Ginger, Lemon, Orange peel, Cassia. Color: Brown.

-This Hoodoo powder is intended to eliminate hatred and anger in anyone you have pissed off. You sprinkle it on them, I suppose surreptitiously, since if they see you it may piss them off more! Ashes, Red Pepper, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood.

-Intended to eliminate feelings of jealousy in people you want to get along with, this Hoodoo powder is to be sprinkled on their doorstep,in their path or on their clothing. Bayberry, Vetivert, Sassafras, Arrowroot.

-This Wiccan powder is used to exorcise negativity from any area and give protection to it's inhabitants. Basil, Frankincense, Rosemary, Yarrow, Rue.

Powder & Dust Recipes F

-Red candle. Red and gold talc. Patchouli, mandrake, musk. Increases your sexuality.

-Not what it seems, this Hoodoo powder is for increasing psychic powers and producing prophetic dreams. Sprinkle on your sheets, on your tarot cards, runes other divining tools, or dust some on yourself. Musk, Orris, Ambergris Oil, Vetivert. Also called French Psychicism Powder.

Powder & Dust Recipes G

-1 oz powdered sandalwood, 1 tsp carnation petals (dried and powdered), 1 tsp 1 tsp cinnamon powder, 1/2 dram frankincense oil, 1/2 dram myrrh oil, 4 oz cornstarch or rice flour.

-A Hoodoo powder, to use it; Sprinkle it in the path of anyone you want to stop bothering you. You can also sprinkle it on your window sills and front porch to get rid of nosy neighbors, soliciters Salesmen, Mormons and Jehovahs Witnesses. without offending or arguing with them. Sulfur, Chili Powder, pinch of Asafotida.

-Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Patchouly, Ginger, John The Conqueror. Grind & add to a rice flour/corn starch base for powder. Synthetic version of Get Away 1.

-A Hoodoo powder to rub on your hands prior to meeting with a person you are "interested" in to encourage them to reciprocate your interest. Rose oil, Mint oil and Musk oil in a base of rose pink talc. Purchase colored talc at an occult supply or color your own with food coloring.

-Goofer Dust is a very old African-American hoodoo curio used to trouble, harm, or kill an enemy. In particular, it can cause the victim's legs to swell up and medical doctors will not be able to effect a cure.
Recipes for making it vary, but it is almost always a mixture of simple natural ingredients, usually including Graveyard Dirt, powdered sulphur (which can give it a yellowish colour) and salt. Subsidiary ingredients may include powdered snake heads or snake skin "sheds," red pepper, black pepper, powdered bones, powdered insects or snails, and greyish, powdery-surfaced herbs such as mullein and sage.
In the past, some formulas for Goofer Dust included anvil dust, the fine black iron detritus found around a blacksmith's anvil. A modern substitute for this now-uncommon ingredient would be magnetic sand, which is also black in colour.
The word goofer comes from the Kikongo word "kufwa," which means "to die." Goofer Dust is alleged to Jinx an Enemy in Family, Money, Job, and Health Matters. People well-versed in such doings explain that they have picked up a person's Footprint, mixed it with Goofer Dust and stopped the mixture up in a bottle, which they have then hidden in the crotch of a tree where it could not be found. Others claim that they have sprinkled Goofer Dust around an enemy's home, in the yard, or even in the bedroom, to cause Hard Luck and Trouble. Personally, I have never tried it, nor would I care to. The very idea just seems evil to me, but I included it in this list for anyone who may be hexed by it, and I have also included an Undo Recipe In Powder & Dust Recipes U.

-Methods by which one pays for GD vary from worker to worker, but the principle is always the same. You have to get in touch with the ancestral spirit and make a respectful application and payment.
Beyond that there are numerous details -
- whose grave, the cause of death, location of grave with respect to the cemetery gates, whether you dig from the head, heart, or feet, which offering you give, where & how you place the with respect to the grave. It is wise to research as many rituals as possible for collecting gyd simply because they are almost always respectful of the dead and those with experience have much to teach you about how it's done properly.
Don't just go out thinking, it's only my grandma, she wont mind, that's NOT how it works. You have to make contact with her spirit first, ASK permission, and actually RECIEVE confirmation of permission granted before taking the dirt. What if she was a devout Chrisitan and would NEVER agree to such a thing? Just because they're dead, doesn't mean they don't have feelings anymore. Shame on you for not taking that into consideration.
Once you're adept at communicating with spirits, you gain a deeper respect, & realize they really are more alive than we are, no longer restricted by the flesh. Accountability for your actions does not exclude what you do to the dead.
If I were in spirit, and one of my ancestors wanted my gyd to harm or kill another, I would refuse to give consent. If they took my gyd anyway, I would guard the person they hexed with it, instead of my family member. I believe in karma, and I would step aside allowing my relative to recieve his/her karma for doing something like that.

-There are basically three ways that Graveyard Dirt is employed in hoodoo: in spells of protection, in enemy tricks, & in coercive love spells . Despite its inclusion in such harmful formulas, GD is not evil per se, & it has uses all its own that reflect its venerable stature in the African religious practice of ancestor veneration. In African-derived magic such as hoodoo & Obeah, GD is an important "magical link" (in the Crowleyan sense of that term), because of the powerful culutral beliefs centered around the role of the dead in rituals of invocation. This was and remains especially true in the Kongo, from whence most African-American slaves came, also in West Africa, where most Afro-Caribbean slaves came. (You may find veneration of ancestors rather misleadingly called "ancestor worship" by earlier Western scholars, & you will often see it referred to in that way in books published in English prior to the 1990s, but American & Eurpeoan scholars have recently begun using the more accurate African term "ancestor veneration," due to their contact with Africans who have entered academia & gotten on the internet .. & still practice ancestor veneration.) In Palo Mayombe, a mostly Cuban & Brazilian survival of Kongo religio-magical practice somehwat admixed with Catholicism, the dirt from graves is kept in a "prenda" on an altar. In hoodoo, as in African magic & in Palo, GD can be used for good or for ill. There are several well-known love-spells that utilize GD, & just as many spells to hold someone down or restrain them in some way (what British people might call a "binding spell". In hoodoo, the ritual of collecting GD -- by the practitioner him-- or herself -- is called BUYING GD. The usual payment in the US, since the 19th century at least, has been a silver dime, preferably a Mercury dime. Customs vary, but generally the dime is offered to the dead in the entire graveyard or to the specific spirit from whose grave one will dig the dirt. If one wished to do harm, one might buy the dirt of someone who "died badly" -- before their time, through execution, or so forth, because their spirit, once invoked, would be inclined to perform evil deeds with little compunction. If one wished to bring about love, one might buy the dirt from someone who loved one in life (a relative or a deceased spouse, for instance) because their spirit, once invoked, would be inclined to help one achieve lasting love. Some workers prefer dirt from a baby's grave, because they say that the spirit thus invoked is malleable & biddable; but others say it is too weak, being young, & will not prove as effective as dirt from the grave of an adult. This practice of the individual buying dirt from a graveyard led early on in hoodoo to the root worker / herbalist buying the dirt & then re-selling it. No stigma is attached to this practice, but the re-seller may be questioned closely as to whether the dirt was properly "bought & paid for." Ads found in old catalogues dating back to the 1920s in which GD was offered for sale to the African-American community, show this is not a recent phenomenon. Like most of the merchantile aspects of hoodoo, it arose as urbanization made the personal gathering of symbolic ingredients difficult to achieve. The price of GD is usually nominal -- it's dirt cheap. Neo-pagan authors such as Scott Cunningham have written that GD is "just code" for certain herbs, such as mullein, but this is easily proven untrue by simply asking the average root-worker. In the African-American & Wiccan communities, GD is dirt from a grave that's been ritually "bought & paid for."

-Mix Graveyard Dirt with the following ingredients (all ground into a powder): sulphur, salt, snake heads or skin "sheds," red & black pepper, bones, insects or snails, greyish herbs such as mullein or sage, anvil dust (black iron dust found around a blacksmith's anvil), & magnetic sand. When intended to harm, GD symbolizes death to the enemy. Some use a doll-baby representing the enemy placed in a miniature coffin & buried in a graveyard, some use a black candle symbolizing the enemy deliberately extinguished by turning it upside down into a saucer of GD. Use GD from a sinner/one who "died bad" a criminal/victim of a violent death/soldier-they're brave & follow orders. See Undo Recipe below.

-The third class of GD work consists of coercive love spells in which dirt from the grave of someone who loved you is used to enchant & enthrall a living lover. You need green paper, vandal root, & GD. Write your name & the targets' name on the paper, put the vandal root and GD in the center of the paper, wrap it up & leave it under your bed. This spell is from a book published by Baron Blanc in Sydney, Australia. Remember, in the book's words, "it is one of the most powerful love spells & should be undertaken only after other love spells have failed. Not for the faint hearted."

-The use of GD in protection spells requires dirt from the grave of a protective family member or a friend. In these cases the spirit of that person is protecting you or your home. To be kept in a bottle & carried with you, or kept inside your home or car. This is also linked to ancient African beliefs & practices, in which ancestor veration is a key component of how one relates to the spiritual world.

Powder & Dust Recipes H

-A Wiccan powder designed to bring joy and lift your spirits. Create a circle by sprinkling the powder and sit within it while visualising the powers of the herbs filling you with positive feelings. Lavender, Catnip, Marjoram.

-This Hoodoo powder is used to change luck, reverse unfortunate circumstances and eliminate poverty. Sprinkle around your home. Orange Peel, Vanilla oil, Strawberry oil.

-Red Chili Pepper, Black Pepper. Precipitado Rojo, Sulpher, John The Conqueror. Grind ingredients and add to a rice flour/corn starch base.

-Hot Foot Powder and the allied formulas Hot Foot Oil, Hot Foot Incense, and Hot Foot Floor Wash-- are old Southern hoodoo formulas that are used to rid oneself or one's home of unwanted people, to send enemies packing, and to keep peace in the home by eliminating troublemakers. Similar formulas, known as Drive Away Oil or Get Away Oil, contain virtually the same ingredients, namely a proprietary blend of Red Pepper, sulphur, salt, and essential oils that include Black Pepper and other herbal extracts. The scent is hot and spicy, but it is not at all unpleasant. Many of the African-derived spells used in African-American hoodoo involve foot track magic. In these rituals or spells, people's footprints are used to lay down tricks, such as crossing them, removing them from town, jinxing them, or bringing them under control. Hot Foot brand products fall squarely into the realm of foot track magic, as can be seen in their name and manner of employment. For more see

Powder & Dust Recipes I

-Hoodoo morale booster for those who need confidence and inspiration. Sprinkle on the person to increase their creativity, optomism and confidence. Pine, Lily, Hyacinth, Clove.

-A Hoodoo powder to increase determination, will power and concentration. Orris Root, Sweet Flag oil.

Powder & Dust Recipes J

-The best of the Hoodoo blessing and protection powders. Galangal, Rosemary, Jalop (High John the Conqueror), Orris.

-Sprinkle this Hoodoo powder all around the inside of your home to remove hexes, curses and evil spells and protect all who live there. Mint, Wintergreen. Best when combined with sprinkling Chamomile outside the house and on the front and back door sills.

-For this Hoodoo powder to work you have to sprinkle some on the Judges seat and in the jury box, hard to do, or around a purple candle in a protection ritual, easy to do. You pick. Hydrangea, High John the Conqueror, Low John (Galangal), Asafotida (smells bad).

-A Hoodoo powder used for financial gain, purification, and overcoming hexes. Sprinkle powder around your home. Galangal, Nasturtium Seeds, Patchouli

Powder & Dust Recipes K

-Use this Hoodoo powder when you want others to like and sympathize with you. Can be included in rituals to end loneliness and make friends. Lily, Hyacinth, Lemon.

-Sprinkle this Hoodoo powder on the head of anyone seeking healing of an illness, overcoming bad luck or just looking to have a more positive outlook. Orris, Vanilla, Clove, Lavender.

Powder & Dust Recipes L
-This Hoodoo powder is used to get rid of someone. Sprinkle in their path, where they will walk, or on your front porch. Dirt from a crossroad, Mistletoe, Sulfur, Orris, Sage.

-Sprinkle this Wiccan powder on yourself, your bedsheets, and in the bedroom when that special person is coming over or when you want to meet a special person. Yarrow, Ginger, Rose Petals, Basil, Lavender.

-Love ~ Basil, Orris, Rose Petals, Vetivert & Witch Grass.

- Love powder can be clandestinely sprinkled on the belongings of a desired person and then in your own underwear drawer to forge a psychic love bond between you. This particular recipe is from the Caribbean and involves a number of herbs and oils. You Will Need 9 ingredients: 1: A Handful Of Talcum Powder, 2: 5 Drops Of Rose Oil, 3: 5 Drops Of Sandalwood Oil, 4: 7 Drops Of Lavender Oil, 5: A Teaspoon Of Powdered Cardamon Seed, 7: A Teaspoon Of Powdered Allspice, 6: A Teaspoon Of Crushed And Dried Lavender, 8: A Teaspoon Of Crushed And Dried Rose Petals, 9: A Little Jar. The Powder: Mix all the ingredients together in a ceramic bowl with a fork. As you mix, visualise warm pink light building and radiating out from the powder. Using The Powder: Gently pour the powder into a little jar and take it with you to sprinkle a little on the belongings of the person you desire. Be sure to sprinkle a pinch of the powder on yourself every day after bathing. This powder may also be used in a little charm to keep a friend or lover thinking about you while he or she is absent. Place a small mound of the powder on the palm of your hand while standing within a sunny spot in a natural setting. Blow a little of the powder towards each of the four cardinal points (North, East, South and West), willing the beloved to feel the pull of your love and soon return. *The most effective magickal charms, powders and oils intended for use in love magick are said to be created on a Friday, the sacred day of the planet Venus, the astrological patron of love. -Author Unknown

-5 oz. Talc 1/4 oz. Cinnamon 1 oz. Sandalwood 1/2 tsp. sweet basil 10 drops frankincense oil 8 drops jasmine oil 6 drops patchouli oil 1 tsp. myrtle oil

-Sprinkle this Hoodoo powder on the newlyweds before they leave for their honeymoon to increase understanding and bring peace and love. Gardenia, Lilac, Muguet (Lily of the Valley), Lily.

-Use this Hoodoo powder to bring in new customers and increase business. The Gold Sand can be purchased at an Occult Supply or Botanica, I have never tried to pulverize money, but if you try putting it in your coffee grinder I'd cut it up into little pieces first. Pulverized $1 bill, Gold Sand, Frankincense, Heliotrope oil.

-Sprinkle this Wiccan powder around your home or on yourself to bring about a positive change and remove any negative energies. Vetivert, Calamus, Nutmeg, Allspice.

-A Hoodoo powder to bring prophetic dreams, increase psychic ability and give clairvoyance. The Silver Magnetic Sand can be purchased at an Occult Supply or Botanica. Silver magnetic sand, Basil oil, Vetivert oil.

-Despite it's name, this Hoodoo powder is intended to stop infidelity from starting or continuing in a marriage. Supposedly if the person is truly in love with the "other" woman or man it won't work, but if it's just for the sex it will. Lime, Orange, Peach Blossom oil, Melon oil, in a base of yellow talc.

-Deerstongue, Galangal & Periwinkle.

Powder & Dust Recipes M

-A Wiccan powder to use like the ones above. Cedar,Patchouly,Galangal,Ginger,.

-Money Powder Mix equal amounts of the following herbs together: Chamomile, marigold, hyssop, jasmine, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, cinquefoil. Combine all herbs with your hands empowering them with your energy and your need. Sprinkle in your purse, wallet, mailbox, anywhere you might expect to receive money. Rub It on your money before you spend it to call it back to you. Create a money spell, using green candles and this money powder on your altar.

-This Hoodoo powder protects against financial loss, and attracts money and material things. Sprinkle around the home, in the wallet or around your business. Frankincense, Heliotrope, Tonka, Gold magnetic sand.

- 1 oz, Sandalwood Powder, 1/2 dram Frankessence oil, **1/4 dram Patchouli oil, 1/4 dram Myhrr oil, 1/4 tsp. Cinnamon, 1 tsp, Yellow Dock, 4 oz. Talc. Combine your ingredients while using this chant. The trick to making your powders is to combine all the liquid and solid ingredients except the talc and get them well mixed. The sandalwood and herbs will absorb the oils and afterwards carry their fragrance into the talc mixture. But because it will not absorb any of your liquid, be sure to add the talc last. USE THIS MONEY DRAWING POWDER CHANT: "My words have power as of old, So hear me now, good Gnomes and Trolls. Bring me silver, bring me gold, Bring the lush geen stuff that folds. Come quickly now, have fun with me, And treasure bring most happily. I speak to you with joy and glee, And as my will, so mote it be!" Blessed Be! Get the red Sandalwood powder, and buy the REAL Frankessence oil! -$$$$ You may have to order the talc special at your local pharmacy. If you wish to try something else, use pure cornstarch instead of talc.-Author Unknown

-1 oz powdered sandalwood, 1/4 tsp powdered cinnamon, 1 tbsp powdered five-finger grass, 1 tsp yellow dock, 1/2 dram frankincense oil, 1/4 dram patchouli oil, 1/4 dram myrrh oil, 4 oz cornstarch or rice flour.

-Odd name for this Hoodoo powder intended to give you added physical strength, vitality and enthusiasm. Rub it on your arms and legs or sprinkle it on your altar during ritual. Basil, Rum, Bay, Thyme, Aloe.

-This Hoodoo powder gives the shy confidence, persistence, and will power. A strong attractant for use by women and gay men. Musk oil, Violet or Orris oil, Vetivert.

Powder & Dust Recipes N
No N Powders Yet

Powder & Dust Recipes O

-A powerful Hoodoo uncrossing powder which removes hexes and protects. Jasmine, Violet, Citronella.

Powder & Dust Recipes P

-Sprinkle this Hoodoo powder around your home if you have been fighting with your partner, or the house is upset and chaotic to calm things down again. Lemon, Rose, Lilac.

-Dragon's Blood, Dulse, Eryngo, Gardenia Blossoms, Lavender, Loosestrife, Meadowsweet, Olive Leaves, Passion Flower, Purslane & Rose Petals.

-Rub this Hoodoo powder on your hands, sprinkle around your home or business, or circle a green candle in a prosperity ritual. Allspice, Patchouli, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Orris, Orange Peel.

-A Wiccan powder to attract money and material blessings. Sprinkle around the home or business. Sassafras, Cinnamon, Pine, Basil.

-Alfalfa Ashes, Cinnamon, Ginger, Orange Peel, Patchouli, Sandalwood & Sarsaparilla.

-Wiccan powder to protect against all sorts of clamaties and negative influences. Sprinkle around the outside of your house to act as a barrier. Dragon's Blood, Sandalwood, Salt.

-This Hoodoo powder is used to protect against hexes, negativity, bad moods, you name it. Sprinkle it around your home and in your bedroom. Vetivert, Vervain, Galangal, Peppermint, Rue, Cinnamon.

-Another Wiccan protection powder to use inside your home. May be used for individual protection by creating a circle of it and standing within. Visualise the wall of protection being created around yourself and feel yourself being bathed in the warm protective embrace of the herbs power. This ritual can be done daily if desired. Mugwort, Dill, Juniper, Frankincense, Cumin.

-Ague Root, Angelica, Ash Leaves, Barley, Basil, Betony, Buckwheat Flour, Burdock, Chamomile, Chili Pepper, Dragon's Blood, Grain, Ivy, Mustard Seed & Tumeric.

-Ague Root, Angelica, Ash Leaves, Barley, Basil, Betony, Buckwheat Flour, Burdock, Chamomile, Chili Pepper, Dragon's Blood, Grain, Ivy, Mustard Seed & Tumeric.

-Increase your psychic powers with this Hoodoo powder which can be used when doing readings, at seances, when meditating or sprinkled on the sheets to have prophetic dreams. Mastic, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Clove, Myrrh.

-A Wiccan powder to sprinkle as above to increase your psychic and clairvoyant abilities. Yarrow, Eyebright, Lemongrass, Mugwort, Rose Petals.

-Bay, Betony, Basil, Chili Pepper, Cumin, Dragon's Blood, Horseradish, Loosestrife, Mint, Nettle, Sandalwood & Wintergreen.

Powder & Dust Recipes Q

-This Hoodoo powder is intended to make married members of the opposite sex leave you alone and prevent people from attacking you. Tobacco ashes, Nutmeg, Cinnmon, Powdered Newsprint.

Powder & Dust Recipes R

-To make it, a rattlesnake (rattles and all) is chopped up and placed in a container of salt. After six months the dried meat is discarded and the "rattlesnake salt" is ready for use. To prolong life: sprinkle rattlesnake salt on the food you eat, at least once a day. The two parts consist of packages of coloured rattlesnake salt, one off-white and the other coral-pink, which are to be used in (forgive my rusty Spanish translation) "rituals of Santeria, budu (voodoo), magical healing both black and white, spiritual healing, cleansing, and purification." Allegedly, rattlesnake salt cures "hysteria, excessive wrath, mental illness, symptoms of insanity, uncontrollable tremors, phobias, delusions of grandeur, feelings of worthlessness, fantasies of persecution, and diabolical possession." Rattlesnake salt will also protect one from envy and will prevent fights from breaking out in one's place of business or work. The instructions given call for the practitioner to lay the two colours of rattlesnake salt out in the doorway in a sort of sand painting depicting two S-shaped rattlesnakes and then to burn a black candle and a white candle on their respective heads, recite a lengthy prayer to "The Adorable Tetragramaton," extinguish the candles, sweep up the salt, and discard it at a crossroads. For more info go to...

-Because the rattlesnake sheds its skin, powdered whole rattlesnakes are used in Latin American folk-medicine involving skin diseases. To cure eczema and boils: dry and powder the entire rattlesnake (some say just the skin, others say just the rattles) and sprinkle the powder on food; alternatively, use the powder to make a poultice and apply directly to the skin. In the African-American hoodoo tradition, powdered snake skin (Rattlesnake Dust) -- either from a snake that has been killed or from "sheds" that one finds -- is an important ingredient in a mixture called Goofer Dust. Some practitioners insist that the skin used in this compound must come from a rattlesnake; others prefer the skin of a king snake (because of its presumed mastery over other reptiles) or say that any species of snake will do. It is used in Goofer Dust along with additional ingredients: GD, powdered sulphur, red pepper, black pepper, mullein, and a variety of other herbs. The Goofer Dust mixture is used to jinx, cross, trouble, mess up, or even kill one's enemies. The typical hoodoo logic of "reversing bad luck" further leads to the use of the Rattlesnake to cure a "crazy" spells that have been put on someone. For a detailed eyewitness account of such a cure, performed in 1929 with Rattlesnake Dust and Adam-and-Eve Root, see the web page on the famous root worker Aunt Caroline Dye. ( For a couple of simple African-American spells using Rattlesnake Skin to ward off evil, see the web page on protective magic spells collected in the 1930s by Harry M. Hyatt...

Red is the magical color of life, vitality, protection and defiance of danger. Fill a red conjure bag with red carnation petals, red rose petals, and a red crystal. ( Obviously rubies and garnets are extremely potent, however any vividly red crystals will do, choose what's realistic and affordable ).
Sprinkle with dragons blood powder.-By Autmn Rain

-A Hoodoo powder to overcome hatred between former friends and associates. Sprinkle on the person or where they will be, or use in a ritual. Rose, Mint.

Powder & Dust Recipes S

-This Hoodoo powder is used to break up with someone either a relationship or a business associate. It creates animosity. Chili powder, Cinnamon, Galangal, Black Pepper, Iron Filings, Vetivert. Creates animosity between lovers and business associates. Forces an eventual separation.

-Vetivert, Sandalwood, Clove, Black Pepper. Add ground herbs to a rice flour/corn starch base, Used to break up any type of relationship by creating animosity.

-Wiccan powder to sprinkle before conducting ritual or meditating to raise the spiritual vibrations of the area and the people present. Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh.

-Another powder to end infidelity on the part of your partner and make them stay at home instead. You dust it on yourself before going to bed with them. I don't know how to pulverize a bedsheet, sorry. Clove, Allspice, Deerstongue, Mullein, Sage, Pulverized Bedsheet. Also called Stay True Powder.

Powder & Dust Recipes T

-This is a Hoodoo powder to discover who has stolen something from you. You sprinkle it around the scene of the crime and the thief will be revealed to you. Galangal, Vetivert, Poke Root, Hydrangea.

Powder & Dust Recipes U


1-To Undo Crossing Powder:
If you suspect that someone is trying to cross you by laying tricks for you to walk over, you can protect yourself by sprinkling Fear Not to Walk Over Evil Powder in your pathway. If you have already been crossed, jinxed, or throwed for, you can perform an Uncrossing or Jinx-Breaker Spell to take off the jinx.

2-To Undo Goofer Dust Spells:
Like similar tricks involving Graveyard Dirt, Hot Foot Powder, & Crossing Powder -- are quite African in character, deriving from African foot-track magic, a form of sorcery in which one "hurts" or "poisons" a victim "through the feet." Undoing the jinx may involve ritual bathing, floor washing, or sweeping to remove the Goofer Dust. Sprinkling salt in the corners of the house is also an antidote.

3-To Undo Graveyard Dirt Hexes:
Undoing these hexes is the same as Undoing Goofer dust. See Also Recipe For Jinx Removing Powder.

-Rub this Hoodoo powder on your hands & touch someone you feel is lying to you. They will be forced to apologise and stop lying, if they are that is. Mint, Rose, Nutmeg.

Powder & Dust Recipes V

-Sprinkled on your clothes this Hoodoo powder makes you more attractive to the opposite sex and attracts a lover. Rose oil, Lavender oil, Violet oil, Musk oil, Amber oil, in a base of pink talc.

-A useful Hoodoo powder to make you more adaptable, creative, quick thinking and increase your potential for success. Rum, Peach Blossom, Lilac, Cinnamon.

Powder & Dust Recipes W
-For this powder, you will need light blue talc, Mugwort, St. John's wort, Male Fern, salt,and sage.
Cleanse and consecrate all items, including the jar you will be storing it in. With a mortar and pestle, grind each herbs slowly, first widdershins to dispel all excess energies not associated with the weather working, then deosil to empower the herbs with weather working (ie. to dispel excess energy in a storm without stopping the rain from falling).
Once you have all the herbs ground well, mix them together, stirring deosil, joining their energies as one, to work together to ease the storm. Hold the blue talc in both hands, and visualize it as the element of air until it glows in your hands. Once you feel it has been charged all it can be, mix the herbs with it, and as you blend them together, empower the whole mixture with the power of going forth, up into the storm and easing it's fury.
When you use this powder( and it shouldn't be everytime it rains a little, only if the weather is getting very horrid out) you should hold some in your power hand tightly until you feel it pulse in your palm and get hot/warm/tingley.
As you hold it in your hand repeat over and over that you wish it to ease the storm, put not stop the rain, that no harm should come to any this night/day. Use your own words. It works better when you do. After you have repeated this and the powder is ready, go out into the storm (be sure to put on rubber soled shoes) and starting in the direction the storm is coming from, say" I charge thee powder go forth from me, the fury of the storm thou are to ease", then gently blow some of the powder in that direction. Do this until you make the full circle, reciting and blowing the powder to each direction.
When you are done, you should have a small amount left in your hand. Hold your hand in front of you and again recite the evocation, and ask Spirit/God/dess to take the powder to the storm and help you in your quest. You should store the powder in an air tight container,shaking it occasionally to keep it from clumping up, on your altar/house shrine or some other sacred space you have. -by Jennifer M. Guidry

-This Hoodoo powder helps your dreams and wishes to come true. Sprinkle on yourself before going to bed or meditating, or use in rituals designed to achieve your dreams. Sandalwood, Orris, Allspice, Deerstongue (the PLANT), Musk.

-Mix equal parts of cinnamon, ginger & confectioners sugar (aka drawing powder).
--Spell-1: Time: New/Full Moon.
On a square pice of paper, write your wish.
Put 1 pinch of the powder in the middle of the paper & gather the corners of the paper together & twist closed it should be shaped something like cone incense.
Put it in your cauldron/metal container & light it on fire. if it burns totally your wish will be granted.
If it burns more than 1/2 way your wish will be granted after a waiting period.
If you have to re-light it more than twice, perhaps you may outgrow that wish and therefore it may not come to pass at all.
--Spell-2: Time: Full Moon.
Using your left hand, take a pinch of the powder & put it in the center of your right hand & make a tight fist.
Go outside where you can see the Full Moon, hold the fist to your heart chakra & state your wish to Goddess Moon.
Then Chant: "And be it done that it harm none, blessing every single one."
Then open your hand & blow the powder toward the Moon.
Your wish should be granted shortly thereafter.-Written By: Archangel 2006

-* The Great Outdoors (This could be your back yard, a park, or forest -- any place where the wishing powder will land on the earth when you release it). * Anything else you feel you need to personalize your wish. You will need to craft the wishing powder ahead of time. You can either do this at home in a Circle or, if you don't mind taking your mortal and pestle along with you, you can make it outside where you plan to use it. (This isn't too hard to do if you're staying in your own backyard). * 2 parts sage * 1 part sandalwood * 1 part Tonka beans Grind, mix, and empower. If you're feeling adventurous, customize your wishing powder to the wish you'll be making. (Example: Crushed rose petals for bringing love into your life). Find a spot to make our wishes from. Take a handful of the wishing powder and begin concentrating on your wishes. (Please do not put yourself in danger to make a wish. A wish is just as powerful whether it's made standing on a rock on the side of a steep hill or standing in a field). Put your energy and wish into the powder you are holding. When it feels like you can no longer hold the energy, let it fly. As the powder settles to the ground, visualize your wishes joining with the Earth, gaining power and strength. As always, remember the Rule of Three when making your wish. After putting the energy out there, it's impossible to call it back. Remember the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it." If you are worried about where to get Tonka Beans (as needed for the above wishing spell). You can do an easy search for them through any search engine to find them. Vanilla Beans/pods are a Substitute.

Powder & Dust Recipes X
No X powders Yet

Powder & Dust Recipes Y

-Increases fertility, helps a woman become pregnant or prevent a miscarrige, and increases male sexual potency. Sprinkle on yourself prior to the event, or regularly depending upon why you are using it. Khus Khus(Vetivert), Cinnamon, Sage, Rose.

Powder & Dust Recipes Z
No Z Powders Yet

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