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Zen Archangelism COSW 15 What Life after death Really is

Zen Archangelism COSW 15-> What Life After Death Really Is...
Written By Archangel Tanahmera December 2007

First of all, Forget anything you've heard or read from the bible. lol.

There is NO spirit prison, NO hell. You simply go back home to God and Goddess from whence you came. Please stop torturing and scaring the shit out of yourself with all that bible propaganda. That is nothing more than a book of false prophecy, one that should have been destroyed I might add, but unfortunately it wasn't.

You are always loved by the creators regardless of how badly you mess up on this planet:) And you always will be. And there is nothing to fear about going back to your REAL HOME to be with them.

Before we come here, we map out our lives, every detail, even the bad stuff, we even choose our parents. Then we go over it with God and Goddess, and when we are ready, and our Earthly parents are ready, (they mapped us into their charts aswell), or rather when the mutually agreed upon time comes, our spirits leave our home with God and Goddess to inhabit our physical bodies (in our Earth mothers' womb).

Life on Earth is like going to a school of our own choosing. According to what we need to learn to help our spirits achieve perfection at the wonderful gifts God and Goddess blessed us with. We learn to become the very best at our own individual specialties, so that we can help others in the spirit world.

When we feel we have accomplished what we set out to learn, We Graduate, leave our physical bodies, and go back home to put it to use:) Usually for the purpose of teaching others And to advance our own spirits:)

There is no need to fear death itself- or what comes after: it is nothing more than the journey back home to your REAL home where you belong with God and Goddess (or your real Mom and Dad as I call them).

Timewise: Compared to your eternal life with God and Goddess, living on Earth is no different than taking a vacation. It feels like a long time that we are here, but in reality, it is more like the blink of an eye, to your spirit which is like your creators, ETERNAL, and never dies.

Far too many of us were raised on this earth guided by false teachings from the bible and who knows where else, but the truth of the matter is, life after death is purely blissful. The only reason we can't remember how perfect and peaceful our lives are on 'the other side' is because none of us would bother to even learn anything while we are here. We would all become grief-stricken, & despondant and we would just give up and try to go back home every chance we got.

So I hope that helps answer some of your questions and I hope you will run this information by your own heart, if for no other reason than to prove me wrong, and when you find out I'm onto something here, I hope your mind and your spirit will be comforted. :)

-Archangel Tanahmera
All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

Zen Archangelism COSW 14 Truthfully

The Chronicles Of Super Witch 14->TRUTHFULLY

Personally, I'm a Matriarch which means I worship The Goddess (Gods' Wife:) and God.
And I don't believe everything in the bible about hell or demons or a devil or sin or any of that. I do believe the battle between good and evil is very real, but that it starts within ourselves. I believe that most main-stream religions, like catholic, Mormon, Jehovah witnesses etc, are for the most part good people with good intentions, however they've been taught about who our creator is through a lot of false prophecy/doctrine and that's how things have come to where they now stand.

It's sad really because people are turning against each other over some very unimportant things, such as who believes what, and who the one true God is etc. These are all false teachings that are designed to turn people against each other, calling some people evil for really ridiculous reasons. There are NO evil people, just evil acts performed by people who make poor choices.

The Good/Evil & Heaven/Hell or at the very least the self-righteous/holier than thou complexes have to go! The creator is NOT some scary, manipulative wrathful, jealous God. Those qualities exist only in Human Beings. MANKIND is power hungry, God and Goddess are ALL POWERFUL, and it makes no sense that we would be created by them just so we could all screw up and they could punish us with some absurd eternal torment.

I believe in our hearts we all know better than to believe that propaganda. We all personally know our creators whether we talk about it or not. So regardless of what your beliefs are THINK! Would you do any of that crap that's in the bible to your own children??? Not likely, and you are a human being NOT PERFECT. So Why would our creators, who ARE PERFECT, who have DIVINE love for us, ever harm us? They wouldn't.

I would not put any stock in what any religious leader swears to be true because they are governed by things like greed, money, power etc. NOT by God or Goddess. These so called EXAMPLES Have their OWN agendas and the sooner people realize that, the better off they will be.

The followers of the mainstream religions are NOTHING like their leaders. Thank God and Goddess for that. But unfortunately people are taught to judge each other as sinners and so forth for stupid reasons, and most of those reasons revolve around mass manipulation & control started by the false prophets and manipulative church leaders who are bent on cultivating hatered and separation.

I realize in text it says JUDGE NOT and bla bla bla, but if you keep thumbing though the bible with an OPEN set of eyes you will see very little BUT judgement. And that Judgement is NOT Gods, OBVIOUSLY! It's MANS!

The sooner people stop quoting that bullshit book of contradictions, (The so called HOLY BIBLE) that was clearly written by idiots on a power trip of some sort, the sooner world peace will come about. Really read that book, there is NOTHING HOLY about it. That stupid book of lies is the very thing responsible for most of the horror that takes place on this planet, and that version of the Adam & Eve story was all bull as well. THE REAL FACTS ARE MISSING ABOUT THEM. Facts like ADAM + MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL ARE THE SAME BEING! WHY isn't that in there? That is IMPORTANT information! There's no devil or demons or any of that crap, it was all fabricated for the sole purpose of terrifying the masses into doing the will of the churches.

It should be re-named the UNHOLY BULLSHIT written by drunks and cowards who were terrified of their own shadows. and every woman on the planet. Literally. Your shadow is your own dark side, it's in ALL of us. And these people who wrote this crap were in denial about who they really are and the horrible acts they committed. Unwilling to face themselves, and hold themselves accountable for their own actions, they fabricated a supreme evil being to blame for everything they could not forgive themselves for. Lets face it people, mass murder in the name of God must really screw up a persons conscience. And thus the devil was born. I USED TO BELIEVE THAT NOT EVEN ONE REAL DEMON EXISTS- to break it down for you it's like this: "demons"are fabrications of human creation that come from suppressed guilt, fear, anger, hurt, shame and other lower vibration/energy states/emotions. Which coincidentally, are the very things churches USE against their followers to manipulate them into blind obedience. However I have witnessed many people in possessed states since then, and now believe otherwise.

I believe in angels, God & Goddess and life after death, but I believe these things because of the experiences of my own spirit, NOT because of anything in that stupid book. There's no need to argue about who's right or wrong. It's redundant. WHO CARES! Everyone walks their own path, but we will all end up on the same road in the end. No exceptions. No ones going to hell. There is no such place.

You don't have to forgive or forget anything, or anyone until you are ready to. That's also a bunch of bullshit. Pretending to forgive or forget just drives you nuts. That commandment was just fabricated by the leaders of the churches, and writers of the bible, for when the people 'woke up' and realized they've been lied to for millions of years. It was manipulatively constructed to save their own asses from being tortured like they did to so many others for NO REAL REASON. THINK people THINK! Wow. This religion stuff really gets to me because I've witnessed too many good people who are so brainwashed they are absolutely terrified to think for themselves and it breaks my heart! TRUTHFULLY!

-Archangel Tanahmera
All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

Zen Archangelism COSW 13 Cowan 101

The Chronicles Of Super Witch 13->Cowan 101
Written By Archangel December 2007

Cowan 101:
Times have changed, and with them so has language, so in Modern day terms, I have taken it upon myself to re-define the word cowan. Many moons ago, the word cowan was used in an insulting manner to describe one who was not an initiate or dedicate to certain Religions. it was spoken with the ring of Disgust and even self-righteousness in the voice of he/she who spoke it. It had NOTHING to do with Christianity in and of itself, but somehow people have gotten the burning times mixed up with the origin of the word, and thus it has been misinterpreted for far to long as a slang used to insult Christians. (:I too have misused the word in the above manner hence the purpose of this article:)

What they failed to mention in addition was that the reason the term was coined at all is because in that era, when all world religions were at literal war with each other, spying and lying was a common thing and many would profess to be of enemy religions (of which they were not) in order to obtain SECRET information from their enemies, so they could run back & blab their mouths off to their superiors, and add fuel the fire which had caused far too much unnecessary bloodshed. There is also another Wiccan/Pagan Based definition, which again has been misinterpreted and somehow led to an insult directed toward Christians.

What A Cowan Is Not:
To my interpretation, A Christian is NOT a cowan because, they proclaim their Christianity, which has nothing to do with pretending to be a witch, furthermore, there are may Christian-Witches, that I consider REAL Witches for having fused Wicca & Christianity together. I have no problems with these Witches or any other, for they have chosen to walk their own paths, and do NOT pretend to be anything they are not, thus, they are not cowans. I've even seen many a wise Christian person PUBLICLY unmask a cowan of any kind. And By the Gods I laughed hard.

What A Cowan Is:
A COWAN is actually nothing more than a Wannabe, a faker, and a bullshitter, any person who does NOT walk their talk is a cowan regardless of Religious denomination.

*Take notice of how close the words cowan and coward are -A cowan is very much a coward for he/she is running from him/her/self and looks like an idiot doing it. The comparison between these two words speaks for itself, but allow me to elaborate anyway, because I enjoy doing so...

*A wanna-be. One who was never born into, nor Even actually performed any ritual act in any form of the religion in question, yet shamefully professes to be one OR BOTH LMAO of the above mentioned.

*One who PRETENDS to be a witch/satanist/goth etc or anything else to appear powerful or Scary to others.

*An energy vampire who uses the negative stereotypes of various religions and or feared cults, in order to try to gain power over others. It never does work, so i still don't get why they bother.

*An idiot who may be successful in fooling him/herself, but is PAINFULLY OBVIOUS (as in laughing so hard at bullshit my stomach hurts pain) to everyone else as JUST a liar, and another wanna be.

The Cowans To Watch For:
The obsessive stalkers of both male & female sexes, who will feign interest in your religion in order to weasel his/her unwelcome way into your life, your social circle, your bed, and worse your heart. As one who has once fallen for this, I advise all to keep your eyes & ears open & your hearts locked up good & tight within the Only Trustworthy hands there are, The Hands Of The Lord and The Lady:)

Well then, there you have it:)

-Archangel Tanahmera
All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

Zen Archangelism COSW 12 Holy Roller Cult Tag

The Chronicles Of Super Witch 12-> Holy Roller Cult Tag
-Written By: Archangel March 2006

Caution Warning & Yikes...
-This article is my personal opinion, there is some swearing in it & very strong personal views! Not to offend, but to inform...OK, said lol, read on...

WTF Is Holy Roller Cult Tag???
Holy Roller Cult Tag is a general nickname I've given to the all the ways various churches & religions compete for converts, money and power.

In My Opinion...
Regardless of who believes what, the fact remains that we are ALL in this world together. Not so we can fight, about who is right or wrong, we all know it's about peace, so where's the problem? I say it all the time, Everyone walks their own path but we all end up on the same road:) I think the sooner we all stop the hate & learn about other cultures and religions, we are well on our way to world peace.

Don't let the above statement deceive you, I'm no "Fluffy Bunny", I get just as pissed as every other person. But, to drag it into my religion, and harass others who believe differently that's just wrong to me. If there is such a thing as sin, that would definitely have to be one. I've seen far too many people destroyed by going down that path of self-righteousness. People I love, who are isolated from their families & friends because of religious difference. That shit should be illegal.

I believe what I choose to, and I think it's fine for others to believe whatever they choose to. PROVIDING that those beliefs are NOT forced upon others, and were NOT forced upon them. Every Soul has it's own Inner Truth, which transcends the mundane power-hungry bullshit of Holy-Roller-Cult-Tag.

I do not recruit followers, nor do I want to. I think it's wrong to do so. I'm a High Priestess, Yes, But, that does NOT give me the right to lord over and manipulate others into buying me a new car whenever I want one. I am a Solitary Practitioner. I have no coven or organization that I belong to. When a person wants to learn more about what I believe, I share my beliefs, free of charge, otherwise, the topic of religion doesn't come up:).

I believe in religious Tolerance. To each his own. WITHOUT the need for CONVERSION! Regardless of what you do in life, when you're dead, you will end up wherever it is that Goddess, and God put you and that's just that.

I'm so sure you could seriously save face by standing before the All-mighty Creators and saying:
"I have done thy bidding without question, Lord and Lady. To date I have : blackmailed, brainwashed, harassed, stalked, drained the finances, slandered, judged, guilt-ed, manipulated, and SHAMED countless converts into submission."
They would look at your self righteous ass and straight up disown you. JC Himself allegedly said He will look at you and say "I know Thee Not."

None of the above is THEIR WILL. It's not even YOUR will. It's THE Churches WILL. That doesn't count, no matter how pretty they rename the acts they perform, and regardless of how righteous-sounding the reasoning behind it all is. God and Goddess, WILL disown the culprits. Witchcraft doesn't lead people to hell, CHURCHES DO! They condemn their own for the sake of Money & Power. Personally, I can't put a price on my soul, Nor Would I want to.

If you believe anything written in that Bible you own, and you have done any of the above, (being HONEST with yourself, not in denial, that is), you SHOULD BE scared shitless, because you know in your soul that all were given free will. Trying to convert another is a DIRECT violation of His or Her GOD GIVEN right of FREE CHOICE.

All I have to say to people who do this shit is "I'm sorry, Who Sent you here? YOU KNOW It wasn't God, so You're welcome to leave anytime. Bye bye now, come back when you GET IT!"

So before you go telling me I'm going to hell, because I'm Not a Jesus Freak, or whatever Your cult tells you to call yourself, You have a HUGE PILE of work to do on YOURSELF: For starters, Learn to practice what you preach and free yourself from your own hypocrisy. Leave Your Cult & Get A REALITY CHECK! Free yourself of whatever Holy Roller Cult Tag obligations you've agreed to, WITHOUT GUILT, FEAR, SHAME ETC, and then we will talk religion. The only power these bastards have over you is the power that YOU GAVE THEM! WAKE UP ALREADY!

I have friends and family who believe in different forms of Christianity, and I don't know what it is about those cults, specifically, but they literally compel your loved ones to turn on you. Choosing their Churches over their family members & even their life-long best friends.

If you have EVER been baptized, or joined in any religion that openly OR privately frowns upon maintaining CLOSE relationships with others of different beliefs, religions, opinions, races etc. You really need to acknowledge that you have IN FACT been seduced into joining a cult.

I don't care how holy and glamorous it looks, a cult by any other name is still a cult. With the exception of 2 Churches: Hope Memorial Spiritualist Church, In Canada, and another Spiritualist Church in Buffalo NY, EVERY other church I have ever attended is nothing but a hypocritical gossip ring designed to alienate anyone who refuses to comply with their unrealistic expectations of perfection.

Everyone loves you to your face, and talks shit about you behind your back. Including your own family members and friends. Although I will never wholeheartedly fit into any Christian faith, I have only ever felt comfortable in the 2 churches I named above. As far as the rest of them go *shudder* they all give me the fucking creeps. Everyone is so nervous, jumpy, nit-picky, fault finding, etc. It's like now that the Witch Trials are over, their need to cast judgement is so deeply ingrained that they even turn on each other. It disgusts me to see how such sweet people allow others to treat them like dirt in hopes of gaining status in society through affiliation with a church.

I don't get it. But it makes me sick. Especially when My loved ones HONESTLY BELIEVE they're doing the RIGHT thing by being there. For the record, I have nothing against ANY followers of ANY of the Christian Faiths. As stated above, their only intent is to help others. I don't blame the Christian followers for that, I blame the people who brainwashed them: church leaders, founders etc. The Christians themselves are awesome people. BUT, the ones that make bullshit excuses to take percentages of their hard earned money, Those are the people I would LOVE to see get audited & have to pay back every cent in one lump some to each person they took it from. It's no different than robbing a bank if You ask me, except a bank robber will admit he's a thief! Therefore let it be known that I adore all followers of the Christian Faith. This Beef is about & directed at those who Lord over them...

The Annihilation Of Free Thinking Brain Cells:)
Then You have that whole hate the sin, not the sinner shit. Whoever coined that phrase was clearly sucking on a very LARGE crack pipe! That is one of many senseless statements I've heard while visiting churches my friends & family members attend. 'Turn the other cheek!' Like hell, I'd smack you back if you hit me! They all have something to say invented to destroy EVERY FREE thinking cell in a persons brain. And NONE OF IT is about the well being of the convert. Its ALL about the church. Churches are BUSINESSES. They make you PAY THEM to believe in GOD. I've argued with more than 3,000 people in my life over this. Their churches have justified the taking of their money, and it's sad really, that these people believe it...

They won't DARE call a psychic hotline, It's "FORBIDDEN!" But they will pay some church leader to bullshit them in a MUCH WORSE way. The only difference is their props are FALSE PROPHETS & bibles in place of psychics & tarot cards. It's not a simple case of the same shit with a different name. A REAL psychic doesn't profess to be THE ONLY begotten messenger of God, They at least acknowledge that EVERYONE has INTUITION, and encourage others to trust their own.

Recycled Bullshit:)
That bible has been through so many hands, there's not a believable paragraph in it. If you ever feel the need to be confused, read Corinthians, the only thing that ISN'T a sin, or vanity & vexation of the soul is breathing, although I'm sure it will be when another religion comes along to re-write it AGAIN!

You will NEVER see Witches running around door to door trying to sell a book of shadows. We write them, some of us publish our writings, so others who WANT to read them have the option to buy them. Others pass them down their family line to whichever person asks after it. Either way, there is NO compulsion involved. We respect the rights of others to believe whatever they choose. Again, without the need for conversion. People seek out our writings, we don't shove them down their throats. That's the way things should be.

This Holy Roller Cult Tag shit should be legally banned. All the Churches competing against each other for the most converts. It's a direct violation of the Religious Tolerance Acts We are all protected under, and YET they persist. It destroys more families than WAR does. That's a LOT of destruction. Think about it. And in who's Name? WHATEVER!

-Archangel Tanahmera
All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

Zen Archangelism COSW 11 Naturally Inducing Astral Projection

The Chronicles Of Super Witch 11-> Naturally Inducing Astral Projection 
-Written By: Archangel 2006

Although it isn't mentioned in too many texts, for good reason I suppose, it is a well known fact that our Etheric/Astral bodies will naturally project after the any following things occur:

-Exhaustion/Insomnia/sleep deprivation,
-Fasting/Food deprivation,
-Drug/Alcohol use, <<< NEVER RECOMMENDED as possession is 100 % likely!!!
-or just being under too much Stress. For example-The Death Of a Loved one.

Naturally, I DO NOT condone deliberately performing any of the above, for obvious reasons, they're all dangerous. Except maybe the orgasm/sex part, which is the safest and most natural way to astral project. To do this, simply allow yourself to relax & fall asleep after having an orgasm, Before you know it, you will find yourself projecting.
Note: you know you're projecting when you go to flick on the light switch & it doesn't work:) Experiment, fly, play, & have fun. Just remember that You are always in complete control of what happens when you project.


-Archangel Tanahmera
All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

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Zen Archangelism COSW 10 Stumbling Out Of The Broom Closet

The Chronicles Of Super Witch 10->Stumbling Out Of The Broom Closet 
-Written By: Archangel February 19 2006

I've been practicing Witchcraft now for over 2 decades, and although I used to be too open about my beliefs, that changed, after having had more than 3,000 literal arguments with people who were too afraid, closed minded, skeptical, or just flat out cynical and judgmental to get it. These days, I'm less open about it. Too many times now, after being called evil, or a satanic devil worshiper, I have heard myself scream (far too loud I might add):
"Take your Holier-Than-Thou Attitude & Stick it up your self-righteous ass!"

I used to get so upset and enraged by the ignorance of others that I have almost physically attacked people...
Until one fine day, in 2004, when I was cornered in the parking lot of my work place, by some man I've never seen before. He rudely grabbed my arm & said to me "Hey bitch! Are you a Witch?" I suppose he found himself funny by rhyming the words witch & bitch. However, despite how hard he grabbed me, I wasn't even a little scared of him, I was livid & decided this is the LAST time I will tolerate this. I pulled his arm off of me, and said, "No! I'm a werewolf you fucking idiot!" I stormed off & proceeded to walk home ready to beat the snot of something.

He walked after me for a bit trying to apologize and I just ignored him, mostly to protect him from me at this point because I was not in a forgiving or social mood. He eventually gave up & went somewhere else. At which point I was finally able to calm down enough to say Blessed Be while I held his image in my mind, and mean it.

We met again the next day, he came to my work and sincerely apologized again. So I smiled and said "I was able to forgive you the minute you stopped chasing me." I apologized for my retaliation, and explained that "I was just sick of people treating me like a piece of sh*t because of my beliefs. I never have tolerated it, and I never will." He apologized again, and we talked for a while, then he went on his way & we haven't crossed paths since.

With more and more people becoming interested in Wicca, my concern is mostly for teenagers & children who practice the craft, because they are so open and free-speaking about their beliefs. The most FAQ's I get about Witchcraft are "How do I tell (my parents/my spouse/my friends/my family/my children/etc), I'm a Witch?"

In my case, I just came out & dropped the bomb with no thought of how it would affect the people I was telling. Which in some cases was a terrible mistake. In retrospect, I should have felt people out more, and eased into it, or waited for a better time, but I didn't. To date, All of my family knows, my current partner knows, all of my ex-partners knew, and all of my close friends know, and I have some who don't. After getting to know people, You can pretty much tell who would freak out and who would be open minded about it or interested.

The main reason you need to feel people out before telling them is because first & foremost, it's a PERSONAL choice to share you beliefs with others. No one is legally obligated to disclose their personal beliefs to anyone. Secondly, there is a REAL shock factor involved.

Wicca has been misrepresented for so many centuries by SOME Christians & Skeptics, and whoever else, that it really does traumatize or scare the sh*t out of some people. Some who appear judgmental, at first, are really just in an overwhelming state of shock or acting out of uncontrollable fear. As you get older, it's a little easier to just take a deep breath & be more compassionate about the reactions of others. Some people are just uneducated about it and the fear of the unknown has a firm grip on them. Whatever you decide, as a Wiccan, you already know the Harm none rule, if telling someone will cause them harm, keep it to yourself:) Or you can wait until they ask you, that is usually a sign that they are ready to listen and they may already know.

~*(Coming Out V.S. Staying In:)*~

~*(:Coming Out:)*~
There are many compelling reasons to stumble out of the broom closet, and if you are among other Witches, feel free to do so, you can learn and teach each other at the same time:) Just be careful with whom you speak, not everyone who professes to be a Witch really is one:) In fact, I've had several boyfriends pretend to be interested in Wicca, just to prolong their stay in my life. Of course it didn't work, I quickly figured them out, but there are females who do the same thing.

Usually it's fairly safe to tell close friends and members of your family, unless you get the distinct feeling not to. (see staying in for more info). If you're determined to come out, Take some time to become comfortable with being able to stand up for what you believe in. Gather your integrity, you will need it:) You can't just blurt out "I'm a Witch"without explaining in some detail what that means. People have questions they want answers to at that point. You can't just leave them hanging. It's also best to pick a time when you are level headed, just in case you end up in a debate where you have to defend your beliefs.

~*The Benefits Of Coming Out Of The Broom Closet Include*~
*Feeling less guilt about having a secret.
*Swapping spells & secrets openly with other Witches.
*Helping Others Openly.
*Publishing Books & New Age material without using a "Screen Name" to protect your identity.
*Honesty & Integrity.

~*The Problems With Coming Out Of The Broom Closet Include*~
*Religious Discrimination at school, work & home.
*People constantly asking you to do spells for them.
*Skeptics harassing you with their difficult energy.
*Facing rejection from some people you love.
*Putting distance between yourself & loved ones who are cruel to you because of it.

~*(:Staying In:)*~
...But there are just as many, if not more compelling reasons, to be silent.
For example, the skeptic, (there's always about 3 in every crowd), who dares you to "prove it". Those people are nothing more than control freaks who get their kicks from interrupting and dominating conversations and putting people on the spot with their stupid questions, unsolicited opinions and advice.

Whenever I encounter people who demand to know my beliefs, while they stink-eye me, I just state "What I believe is none of your business." There is absolutely nothing they can do or say about it, without looking foolish. By defending yourself in that manner, You keep control of yourself, instead of giving the upper hand to the other person. Some try to throw their childish little temper tantrums, but most get the hint & just leave it at that.

Change the subject. If they get back on it, see it for what it is, a person trying to manipulate you, by centering you out. Just ask "What part of None of Your business do you not understand?" The most the person can do is mutter behind your back, which looks so much worse on them than you. Or try to hit you at which point be prepared to block and counter the attack or duck:) If you remember that, you won't get sucked into their bullshit and you won't even need to defend yourself.

When You Get The distinct feeling to keep your beliefs to yourself, that feeling is a real warning. Just tell yourself the discussion will wait. Make sure it's not a FALSE sense of urgency to just spill your guts, because, in the wrong hands, people can use your beliefs against you and cause you more spiritual and emotional pain than you need or deserve.

They will gossip, damage your reputation, and you will even be labeled crazy by some people. I know this from personal experience. I've been called everything from spun to psycho, although never to my face, because most gossips are cowards like that:) If you don't feel totally ready and sure about it, just keep it to yourself until you do. Coming out of the broom closet may simply not be for you yet. Wait for the right time. There are some people you will never tell, and that's fine too.

~*The Benefits Of Staying In The Broom Closet Include*~
*Privacy and security. After all, your secret is safe with you.
*No Skeptics harassing you.
*Helping Others Secretly.
*No Religious Discrimination at school, work & home.
*Patience with yourself & others.
*Honoring your right to "be silent".

~*The Problems With Staying In The Broom Closet Include*~
*Feeling isolated, like you have no one to talk to about your beliefs.
*The longer you wait the harder it is to tell others.
*Spending too much time & energy trying to balance a double life.
(Being a Witch in private, & pretending not to be a Witch in public).
*Publishing Books & New Age material using a "Screen Name" to protect your identity.
*Possibility of DE-selfing (losing yourself), for the sake of feeling accepted.

An it harm none, do what ye will. Yourself included. If you feel you will be strongly opposed, (as in threatened), ridiculed or rejected, keep it to yourself. If it will harm someone else to know, or a harmonious family/relationship/etc, keep it to yourself. If you have the feeling that everything will be fine, share your beliefs:) Above all, use your intuition that's what it's there for.

-Written By: Archangel Tanahmera February 19 2006
All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

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