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Zen Archangelism COSW 10 Stumbling Out Of The Broom Closet

The Chronicles Of Super Witch 10->Stumbling Out Of The Broom Closet 
-Written By: Archangel February 19 2006

I've been practicing Witchcraft now for over 2 decades, and although I used to be too open about my beliefs, that changed, after having had more than 3,000 literal arguments with people who were too afraid, closed minded, skeptical, or just flat out cynical and judgmental to get it. These days, I'm less open about it. Too many times now, after being called evil, or a satanic devil worshiper, I have heard myself scream (far too loud I might add):
"Take your Holier-Than-Thou Attitude & Stick it up your self-righteous ass!"

I used to get so upset and enraged by the ignorance of others that I have almost physically attacked people...
Until one fine day, in 2004, when I was cornered in the parking lot of my work place, by some man I've never seen before. He rudely grabbed my arm & said to me "Hey bitch! Are you a Witch?" I suppose he found himself funny by rhyming the words witch & bitch. However, despite how hard he grabbed me, I wasn't even a little scared of him, I was livid & decided this is the LAST time I will tolerate this. I pulled his arm off of me, and said, "No! I'm a werewolf you fucking idiot!" I stormed off & proceeded to walk home ready to beat the snot of something.

He walked after me for a bit trying to apologize and I just ignored him, mostly to protect him from me at this point because I was not in a forgiving or social mood. He eventually gave up & went somewhere else. At which point I was finally able to calm down enough to say Blessed Be while I held his image in my mind, and mean it.

We met again the next day, he came to my work and sincerely apologized again. So I smiled and said "I was able to forgive you the minute you stopped chasing me." I apologized for my retaliation, and explained that "I was just sick of people treating me like a piece of sh*t because of my beliefs. I never have tolerated it, and I never will." He apologized again, and we talked for a while, then he went on his way & we haven't crossed paths since.

With more and more people becoming interested in Wicca, my concern is mostly for teenagers & children who practice the craft, because they are so open and free-speaking about their beliefs. The most FAQ's I get about Witchcraft are "How do I tell (my parents/my spouse/my friends/my family/my children/etc), I'm a Witch?"

In my case, I just came out & dropped the bomb with no thought of how it would affect the people I was telling. Which in some cases was a terrible mistake. In retrospect, I should have felt people out more, and eased into it, or waited for a better time, but I didn't. To date, All of my family knows, my current partner knows, all of my ex-partners knew, and all of my close friends know, and I have some who don't. After getting to know people, You can pretty much tell who would freak out and who would be open minded about it or interested.

The main reason you need to feel people out before telling them is because first & foremost, it's a PERSONAL choice to share you beliefs with others. No one is legally obligated to disclose their personal beliefs to anyone. Secondly, there is a REAL shock factor involved.

Wicca has been misrepresented for so many centuries by SOME Christians & Skeptics, and whoever else, that it really does traumatize or scare the sh*t out of some people. Some who appear judgmental, at first, are really just in an overwhelming state of shock or acting out of uncontrollable fear. As you get older, it's a little easier to just take a deep breath & be more compassionate about the reactions of others. Some people are just uneducated about it and the fear of the unknown has a firm grip on them. Whatever you decide, as a Wiccan, you already know the Harm none rule, if telling someone will cause them harm, keep it to yourself:) Or you can wait until they ask you, that is usually a sign that they are ready to listen and they may already know.

~*(Coming Out V.S. Staying In:)*~

~*(:Coming Out:)*~
There are many compelling reasons to stumble out of the broom closet, and if you are among other Witches, feel free to do so, you can learn and teach each other at the same time:) Just be careful with whom you speak, not everyone who professes to be a Witch really is one:) In fact, I've had several boyfriends pretend to be interested in Wicca, just to prolong their stay in my life. Of course it didn't work, I quickly figured them out, but there are females who do the same thing.

Usually it's fairly safe to tell close friends and members of your family, unless you get the distinct feeling not to. (see staying in for more info). If you're determined to come out, Take some time to become comfortable with being able to stand up for what you believe in. Gather your integrity, you will need it:) You can't just blurt out "I'm a Witch"without explaining in some detail what that means. People have questions they want answers to at that point. You can't just leave them hanging. It's also best to pick a time when you are level headed, just in case you end up in a debate where you have to defend your beliefs.

~*The Benefits Of Coming Out Of The Broom Closet Include*~
*Feeling less guilt about having a secret.
*Swapping spells & secrets openly with other Witches.
*Helping Others Openly.
*Publishing Books & New Age material without using a "Screen Name" to protect your identity.
*Honesty & Integrity.

~*The Problems With Coming Out Of The Broom Closet Include*~
*Religious Discrimination at school, work & home.
*People constantly asking you to do spells for them.
*Skeptics harassing you with their difficult energy.
*Facing rejection from some people you love.
*Putting distance between yourself & loved ones who are cruel to you because of it.

~*(:Staying In:)*~
...But there are just as many, if not more compelling reasons, to be silent.
For example, the skeptic, (there's always about 3 in every crowd), who dares you to "prove it". Those people are nothing more than control freaks who get their kicks from interrupting and dominating conversations and putting people on the spot with their stupid questions, unsolicited opinions and advice.

Whenever I encounter people who demand to know my beliefs, while they stink-eye me, I just state "What I believe is none of your business." There is absolutely nothing they can do or say about it, without looking foolish. By defending yourself in that manner, You keep control of yourself, instead of giving the upper hand to the other person. Some try to throw their childish little temper tantrums, but most get the hint & just leave it at that.

Change the subject. If they get back on it, see it for what it is, a person trying to manipulate you, by centering you out. Just ask "What part of None of Your business do you not understand?" The most the person can do is mutter behind your back, which looks so much worse on them than you. Or try to hit you at which point be prepared to block and counter the attack or duck:) If you remember that, you won't get sucked into their bullshit and you won't even need to defend yourself.

When You Get The distinct feeling to keep your beliefs to yourself, that feeling is a real warning. Just tell yourself the discussion will wait. Make sure it's not a FALSE sense of urgency to just spill your guts, because, in the wrong hands, people can use your beliefs against you and cause you more spiritual and emotional pain than you need or deserve.

They will gossip, damage your reputation, and you will even be labeled crazy by some people. I know this from personal experience. I've been called everything from spun to psycho, although never to my face, because most gossips are cowards like that:) If you don't feel totally ready and sure about it, just keep it to yourself until you do. Coming out of the broom closet may simply not be for you yet. Wait for the right time. There are some people you will never tell, and that's fine too.

~*The Benefits Of Staying In The Broom Closet Include*~
*Privacy and security. After all, your secret is safe with you.
*No Skeptics harassing you.
*Helping Others Secretly.
*No Religious Discrimination at school, work & home.
*Patience with yourself & others.
*Honoring your right to "be silent".

~*The Problems With Staying In The Broom Closet Include*~
*Feeling isolated, like you have no one to talk to about your beliefs.
*The longer you wait the harder it is to tell others.
*Spending too much time & energy trying to balance a double life.
(Being a Witch in private, & pretending not to be a Witch in public).
*Publishing Books & New Age material using a "Screen Name" to protect your identity.
*Possibility of DE-selfing (losing yourself), for the sake of feeling accepted.

An it harm none, do what ye will. Yourself included. If you feel you will be strongly opposed, (as in threatened), ridiculed or rejected, keep it to yourself. If it will harm someone else to know, or a harmonious family/relationship/etc, keep it to yourself. If you have the feeling that everything will be fine, share your beliefs:) Above all, use your intuition that's what it's there for.

-Written By: Archangel Tanahmera February 19 2006
All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

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