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Zen Archangelism COSW 12 Holy Roller Cult Tag

The Chronicles Of Super Witch 12-> Holy Roller Cult Tag
-Written By: Archangel March 2006

Caution Warning & Yikes...
-This article is my personal opinion, there is some swearing in it & very strong personal views! Not to offend, but to inform...OK, said lol, read on...

WTF Is Holy Roller Cult Tag???
Holy Roller Cult Tag is a general nickname I've given to the all the ways various churches & religions compete for converts, money and power.

In My Opinion...
Regardless of who believes what, the fact remains that we are ALL in this world together. Not so we can fight, about who is right or wrong, we all know it's about peace, so where's the problem? I say it all the time, Everyone walks their own path but we all end up on the same road:) I think the sooner we all stop the hate & learn about other cultures and religions, we are well on our way to world peace.

Don't let the above statement deceive you, I'm no "Fluffy Bunny", I get just as pissed as every other person. But, to drag it into my religion, and harass others who believe differently that's just wrong to me. If there is such a thing as sin, that would definitely have to be one. I've seen far too many people destroyed by going down that path of self-righteousness. People I love, who are isolated from their families & friends because of religious difference. That shit should be illegal.

I believe what I choose to, and I think it's fine for others to believe whatever they choose to. PROVIDING that those beliefs are NOT forced upon others, and were NOT forced upon them. Every Soul has it's own Inner Truth, which transcends the mundane power-hungry bullshit of Holy-Roller-Cult-Tag.

I do not recruit followers, nor do I want to. I think it's wrong to do so. I'm a High Priestess, Yes, But, that does NOT give me the right to lord over and manipulate others into buying me a new car whenever I want one. I am a Solitary Practitioner. I have no coven or organization that I belong to. When a person wants to learn more about what I believe, I share my beliefs, free of charge, otherwise, the topic of religion doesn't come up:).

I believe in religious Tolerance. To each his own. WITHOUT the need for CONVERSION! Regardless of what you do in life, when you're dead, you will end up wherever it is that Goddess, and God put you and that's just that.

I'm so sure you could seriously save face by standing before the All-mighty Creators and saying:
"I have done thy bidding without question, Lord and Lady. To date I have : blackmailed, brainwashed, harassed, stalked, drained the finances, slandered, judged, guilt-ed, manipulated, and SHAMED countless converts into submission."
They would look at your self righteous ass and straight up disown you. JC Himself allegedly said He will look at you and say "I know Thee Not."

None of the above is THEIR WILL. It's not even YOUR will. It's THE Churches WILL. That doesn't count, no matter how pretty they rename the acts they perform, and regardless of how righteous-sounding the reasoning behind it all is. God and Goddess, WILL disown the culprits. Witchcraft doesn't lead people to hell, CHURCHES DO! They condemn their own for the sake of Money & Power. Personally, I can't put a price on my soul, Nor Would I want to.

If you believe anything written in that Bible you own, and you have done any of the above, (being HONEST with yourself, not in denial, that is), you SHOULD BE scared shitless, because you know in your soul that all were given free will. Trying to convert another is a DIRECT violation of His or Her GOD GIVEN right of FREE CHOICE.

All I have to say to people who do this shit is "I'm sorry, Who Sent you here? YOU KNOW It wasn't God, so You're welcome to leave anytime. Bye bye now, come back when you GET IT!"

So before you go telling me I'm going to hell, because I'm Not a Jesus Freak, or whatever Your cult tells you to call yourself, You have a HUGE PILE of work to do on YOURSELF: For starters, Learn to practice what you preach and free yourself from your own hypocrisy. Leave Your Cult & Get A REALITY CHECK! Free yourself of whatever Holy Roller Cult Tag obligations you've agreed to, WITHOUT GUILT, FEAR, SHAME ETC, and then we will talk religion. The only power these bastards have over you is the power that YOU GAVE THEM! WAKE UP ALREADY!

I have friends and family who believe in different forms of Christianity, and I don't know what it is about those cults, specifically, but they literally compel your loved ones to turn on you. Choosing their Churches over their family members & even their life-long best friends.

If you have EVER been baptized, or joined in any religion that openly OR privately frowns upon maintaining CLOSE relationships with others of different beliefs, religions, opinions, races etc. You really need to acknowledge that you have IN FACT been seduced into joining a cult.

I don't care how holy and glamorous it looks, a cult by any other name is still a cult. With the exception of 2 Churches: Hope Memorial Spiritualist Church, In Canada, and another Spiritualist Church in Buffalo NY, EVERY other church I have ever attended is nothing but a hypocritical gossip ring designed to alienate anyone who refuses to comply with their unrealistic expectations of perfection.

Everyone loves you to your face, and talks shit about you behind your back. Including your own family members and friends. Although I will never wholeheartedly fit into any Christian faith, I have only ever felt comfortable in the 2 churches I named above. As far as the rest of them go *shudder* they all give me the fucking creeps. Everyone is so nervous, jumpy, nit-picky, fault finding, etc. It's like now that the Witch Trials are over, their need to cast judgement is so deeply ingrained that they even turn on each other. It disgusts me to see how such sweet people allow others to treat them like dirt in hopes of gaining status in society through affiliation with a church.

I don't get it. But it makes me sick. Especially when My loved ones HONESTLY BELIEVE they're doing the RIGHT thing by being there. For the record, I have nothing against ANY followers of ANY of the Christian Faiths. As stated above, their only intent is to help others. I don't blame the Christian followers for that, I blame the people who brainwashed them: church leaders, founders etc. The Christians themselves are awesome people. BUT, the ones that make bullshit excuses to take percentages of their hard earned money, Those are the people I would LOVE to see get audited & have to pay back every cent in one lump some to each person they took it from. It's no different than robbing a bank if You ask me, except a bank robber will admit he's a thief! Therefore let it be known that I adore all followers of the Christian Faith. This Beef is about & directed at those who Lord over them...

The Annihilation Of Free Thinking Brain Cells:)
Then You have that whole hate the sin, not the sinner shit. Whoever coined that phrase was clearly sucking on a very LARGE crack pipe! That is one of many senseless statements I've heard while visiting churches my friends & family members attend. 'Turn the other cheek!' Like hell, I'd smack you back if you hit me! They all have something to say invented to destroy EVERY FREE thinking cell in a persons brain. And NONE OF IT is about the well being of the convert. Its ALL about the church. Churches are BUSINESSES. They make you PAY THEM to believe in GOD. I've argued with more than 3,000 people in my life over this. Their churches have justified the taking of their money, and it's sad really, that these people believe it...

They won't DARE call a psychic hotline, It's "FORBIDDEN!" But they will pay some church leader to bullshit them in a MUCH WORSE way. The only difference is their props are FALSE PROPHETS & bibles in place of psychics & tarot cards. It's not a simple case of the same shit with a different name. A REAL psychic doesn't profess to be THE ONLY begotten messenger of God, They at least acknowledge that EVERYONE has INTUITION, and encourage others to trust their own.

Recycled Bullshit:)
That bible has been through so many hands, there's not a believable paragraph in it. If you ever feel the need to be confused, read Corinthians, the only thing that ISN'T a sin, or vanity & vexation of the soul is breathing, although I'm sure it will be when another religion comes along to re-write it AGAIN!

You will NEVER see Witches running around door to door trying to sell a book of shadows. We write them, some of us publish our writings, so others who WANT to read them have the option to buy them. Others pass them down their family line to whichever person asks after it. Either way, there is NO compulsion involved. We respect the rights of others to believe whatever they choose. Again, without the need for conversion. People seek out our writings, we don't shove them down their throats. That's the way things should be.

This Holy Roller Cult Tag shit should be legally banned. All the Churches competing against each other for the most converts. It's a direct violation of the Religious Tolerance Acts We are all protected under, and YET they persist. It destroys more families than WAR does. That's a LOT of destruction. Think about it. And in who's Name? WHATEVER!

-Archangel Tanahmera
All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

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