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Zen Archangelism COSW 13 Cowan 101

The Chronicles Of Super Witch 13->Cowan 101
Written By Archangel December 2007

Cowan 101:
Times have changed, and with them so has language, so in Modern day terms, I have taken it upon myself to re-define the word cowan. Many moons ago, the word cowan was used in an insulting manner to describe one who was not an initiate or dedicate to certain Religions. it was spoken with the ring of Disgust and even self-righteousness in the voice of he/she who spoke it. It had NOTHING to do with Christianity in and of itself, but somehow people have gotten the burning times mixed up with the origin of the word, and thus it has been misinterpreted for far to long as a slang used to insult Christians. (:I too have misused the word in the above manner hence the purpose of this article:)

What they failed to mention in addition was that the reason the term was coined at all is because in that era, when all world religions were at literal war with each other, spying and lying was a common thing and many would profess to be of enemy religions (of which they were not) in order to obtain SECRET information from their enemies, so they could run back & blab their mouths off to their superiors, and add fuel the fire which had caused far too much unnecessary bloodshed. There is also another Wiccan/Pagan Based definition, which again has been misinterpreted and somehow led to an insult directed toward Christians.

What A Cowan Is Not:
To my interpretation, A Christian is NOT a cowan because, they proclaim their Christianity, which has nothing to do with pretending to be a witch, furthermore, there are may Christian-Witches, that I consider REAL Witches for having fused Wicca & Christianity together. I have no problems with these Witches or any other, for they have chosen to walk their own paths, and do NOT pretend to be anything they are not, thus, they are not cowans. I've even seen many a wise Christian person PUBLICLY unmask a cowan of any kind. And By the Gods I laughed hard.

What A Cowan Is:
A COWAN is actually nothing more than a Wannabe, a faker, and a bullshitter, any person who does NOT walk their talk is a cowan regardless of Religious denomination.

*Take notice of how close the words cowan and coward are -A cowan is very much a coward for he/she is running from him/her/self and looks like an idiot doing it. The comparison between these two words speaks for itself, but allow me to elaborate anyway, because I enjoy doing so...

*A wanna-be. One who was never born into, nor Even actually performed any ritual act in any form of the religion in question, yet shamefully professes to be one OR BOTH LMAO of the above mentioned.

*One who PRETENDS to be a witch/satanist/goth etc or anything else to appear powerful or Scary to others.

*An energy vampire who uses the negative stereotypes of various religions and or feared cults, in order to try to gain power over others. It never does work, so i still don't get why they bother.

*An idiot who may be successful in fooling him/herself, but is PAINFULLY OBVIOUS (as in laughing so hard at bullshit my stomach hurts pain) to everyone else as JUST a liar, and another wanna be.

The Cowans To Watch For:
The obsessive stalkers of both male & female sexes, who will feign interest in your religion in order to weasel his/her unwelcome way into your life, your social circle, your bed, and worse your heart. As one who has once fallen for this, I advise all to keep your eyes & ears open & your hearts locked up good & tight within the Only Trustworthy hands there are, The Hands Of The Lord and The Lady:)

Well then, there you have it:)

-Archangel Tanahmera
All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

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