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Zen Archangelism COSW 14 Truthfully

The Chronicles Of Super Witch 14->TRUTHFULLY

Personally, I'm a Matriarch which means I worship The Goddess (Gods' Wife:) and God.
And I don't believe everything in the bible about hell or demons or a devil or sin or any of that. I do believe the battle between good and evil is very real, but that it starts within ourselves. I believe that most main-stream religions, like catholic, Mormon, Jehovah witnesses etc, are for the most part good people with good intentions, however they've been taught about who our creator is through a lot of false prophecy/doctrine and that's how things have come to where they now stand.

It's sad really because people are turning against each other over some very unimportant things, such as who believes what, and who the one true God is etc. These are all false teachings that are designed to turn people against each other, calling some people evil for really ridiculous reasons. There are NO evil people, just evil acts performed by people who make poor choices.

The Good/Evil & Heaven/Hell or at the very least the self-righteous/holier than thou complexes have to go! The creator is NOT some scary, manipulative wrathful, jealous God. Those qualities exist only in Human Beings. MANKIND is power hungry, God and Goddess are ALL POWERFUL, and it makes no sense that we would be created by them just so we could all screw up and they could punish us with some absurd eternal torment.

I believe in our hearts we all know better than to believe that propaganda. We all personally know our creators whether we talk about it or not. So regardless of what your beliefs are THINK! Would you do any of that crap that's in the bible to your own children??? Not likely, and you are a human being NOT PERFECT. So Why would our creators, who ARE PERFECT, who have DIVINE love for us, ever harm us? They wouldn't.

I would not put any stock in what any religious leader swears to be true because they are governed by things like greed, money, power etc. NOT by God or Goddess. These so called EXAMPLES Have their OWN agendas and the sooner people realize that, the better off they will be.

The followers of the mainstream religions are NOTHING like their leaders. Thank God and Goddess for that. But unfortunately people are taught to judge each other as sinners and so forth for stupid reasons, and most of those reasons revolve around mass manipulation & control started by the false prophets and manipulative church leaders who are bent on cultivating hatered and separation.

I realize in text it says JUDGE NOT and bla bla bla, but if you keep thumbing though the bible with an OPEN set of eyes you will see very little BUT judgement. And that Judgement is NOT Gods, OBVIOUSLY! It's MANS!

The sooner people stop quoting that bullshit book of contradictions, (The so called HOLY BIBLE) that was clearly written by idiots on a power trip of some sort, the sooner world peace will come about. Really read that book, there is NOTHING HOLY about it. That stupid book of lies is the very thing responsible for most of the horror that takes place on this planet, and that version of the Adam & Eve story was all bull as well. THE REAL FACTS ARE MISSING ABOUT THEM. Facts like ADAM + MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL ARE THE SAME BEING! WHY isn't that in there? That is IMPORTANT information! There's no devil or demons or any of that crap, it was all fabricated for the sole purpose of terrifying the masses into doing the will of the churches.

It should be re-named the UNHOLY BULLSHIT written by drunks and cowards who were terrified of their own shadows. and every woman on the planet. Literally. Your shadow is your own dark side, it's in ALL of us. And these people who wrote this crap were in denial about who they really are and the horrible acts they committed. Unwilling to face themselves, and hold themselves accountable for their own actions, they fabricated a supreme evil being to blame for everything they could not forgive themselves for. Lets face it people, mass murder in the name of God must really screw up a persons conscience. And thus the devil was born. I USED TO BELIEVE THAT NOT EVEN ONE REAL DEMON EXISTS- to break it down for you it's like this: "demons"are fabrications of human creation that come from suppressed guilt, fear, anger, hurt, shame and other lower vibration/energy states/emotions. Which coincidentally, are the very things churches USE against their followers to manipulate them into blind obedience. However I have witnessed many people in possessed states since then, and now believe otherwise.

I believe in angels, God & Goddess and life after death, but I believe these things because of the experiences of my own spirit, NOT because of anything in that stupid book. There's no need to argue about who's right or wrong. It's redundant. WHO CARES! Everyone walks their own path, but we will all end up on the same road in the end. No exceptions. No ones going to hell. There is no such place.

You don't have to forgive or forget anything, or anyone until you are ready to. That's also a bunch of bullshit. Pretending to forgive or forget just drives you nuts. That commandment was just fabricated by the leaders of the churches, and writers of the bible, for when the people 'woke up' and realized they've been lied to for millions of years. It was manipulatively constructed to save their own asses from being tortured like they did to so many others for NO REAL REASON. THINK people THINK! Wow. This religion stuff really gets to me because I've witnessed too many good people who are so brainwashed they are absolutely terrified to think for themselves and it breaks my heart! TRUTHFULLY!

-Archangel Tanahmera
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