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Zen Archangelism COSW 15 What Life after death Really is

Zen Archangelism COSW 15-> What Life After Death Really Is...
Written By Archangel Tanahmera December 2007

First of all, Forget anything you've heard or read from the bible. lol.

There is NO spirit prison, NO hell. You simply go back home to God and Goddess from whence you came. Please stop torturing and scaring the shit out of yourself with all that bible propaganda. That is nothing more than a book of false prophecy, one that should have been destroyed I might add, but unfortunately it wasn't.

You are always loved by the creators regardless of how badly you mess up on this planet:) And you always will be. And there is nothing to fear about going back to your REAL HOME to be with them.

Before we come here, we map out our lives, every detail, even the bad stuff, we even choose our parents. Then we go over it with God and Goddess, and when we are ready, and our Earthly parents are ready, (they mapped us into their charts aswell), or rather when the mutually agreed upon time comes, our spirits leave our home with God and Goddess to inhabit our physical bodies (in our Earth mothers' womb).

Life on Earth is like going to a school of our own choosing. According to what we need to learn to help our spirits achieve perfection at the wonderful gifts God and Goddess blessed us with. We learn to become the very best at our own individual specialties, so that we can help others in the spirit world.

When we feel we have accomplished what we set out to learn, We Graduate, leave our physical bodies, and go back home to put it to use:) Usually for the purpose of teaching others And to advance our own spirits:)

There is no need to fear death itself- or what comes after: it is nothing more than the journey back home to your REAL home where you belong with God and Goddess (or your real Mom and Dad as I call them).

Timewise: Compared to your eternal life with God and Goddess, living on Earth is no different than taking a vacation. It feels like a long time that we are here, but in reality, it is more like the blink of an eye, to your spirit which is like your creators, ETERNAL, and never dies.

Far too many of us were raised on this earth guided by false teachings from the bible and who knows where else, but the truth of the matter is, life after death is purely blissful. The only reason we can't remember how perfect and peaceful our lives are on 'the other side' is because none of us would bother to even learn anything while we are here. We would all become grief-stricken, & despondant and we would just give up and try to go back home every chance we got.

So I hope that helps answer some of your questions and I hope you will run this information by your own heart, if for no other reason than to prove me wrong, and when you find out I'm onto something here, I hope your mind and your spirit will be comforted. :)

-Archangel Tanahmera
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