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Zen Archangelism COSW 20 My Beliefs

Zen Archangelism COSW 20 My Beliefs
 All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

My Beliefs Are As Follows...

I believe there is only One "Right Way" to practice Magick, and that is Your Own way, and never the way someone else tells you "You should..." AN' IT HARM NONE, DO WHAT YE WILL. See also "on religion' below. :)

I believe there is One God (call Him by whatever name you will, it's the same Being, however He Has many names to suit His facets/qualities and abilities (Just like us) and that Men are created in His Image.

I believe There is One Goddess (call Her by whatever name you will, it's the same Being however She Has many names to suit Her facets/qualities and abilities (Just like us) and that Women are created in Her Image.
(Being a woman Myself I can see BOTH a Male And a Female hand in creation!)

I believe That God and Goddess are two Separate Beings But They are One in purpose and Power.

I believe that God & Goddess have Both positive And Negative aspects (Just like us) and that they co-exist (just as we do) to balance each other out.

I believe that (again just like us) One without the other is incomplete, hence the term Soulmate.

I Believe There are also MANY OTHER Gods and Goddesses Under The Supreme Deities, Just like there are many different Human Beings Upon this Earth. I Believe Each Of These Demi-God-desses/Sub-God-desses/Devas Have Dominion over different things, are gifted with different powers, and Love us as their Brothers & Sisters, because that is exactly what they really are in relation to us if we get down right Spiritual about it. Jesus Christ Falls into this category.

I believe they too exist to (when asked), assist/intervene, guide & Influence us in order to teach us whatever lessons we came here to learn.


I believe EVERYONE is a GOD or Goddess In Training And I RESPECT the Divinity In All Living Things, Yes, even cockroaches have a purpose.

I believe EVERYONE & EVERYTHING has a soul and deserves love &  respect. We are all here to learn and to teach.

your Twinflame is (if you have one) the other half of yourself.
I believe not everyone has a Twinflame (in the case of Lovers), and that if you do, everyone who comes before Your Twinflame is a soulmate, a teacher or a stepping stone, not in the doormat sense, but as in a step/push n the right direction (one who leads you toward that person).

I believe we all have a true Soulmate Posse (Select/Elite Group of Souls made up of Friends & Family) with whom we jump from life to life with, and of course this Posse grows larger with Each lifetime.

I believe in reincarnation because it takes many life times to JUST KNOW it all!

I believe we learn more through experience than example. And our purpose on Earth is to learn, and evolve until we achieve God/Goddess Status.

I believe the newer souls are the killers & rapists etc because they seriously don't "know better."

I believe that @ some point in a past life we've likely all been the above mentioned, and in the life after that a victim of the following, and so on, and therefore have knowledge of what is right or wrong to varied degrees depending on our own experiences from past lives.

I believe what is done to one, is done to all, and that no one is exempt from their own karma.

I believe that the karma of those you befriend, love, associate and interact with in any way, good or bad, does in fact spill over into your life and vice versa. Which is why good people get hurt, and bad people get away with hurting them, although temporarily only, their day is indeed coming, so revenge is never an option. You will just bring the same bad karma to yourself, because you chose to take matters into your own hands instead of releasing your hurt and anger to God or Goddess. Obviously then, I strongly advise you to consider exactly who you allow into your life, and furthermore, why you want them there to avoid such situations.

I believe that everything, good, bad or indifferent, happens for a reason, that reason being your initial choice to allow it to, whether knowingly or not. Perhaps, for example, you prayed or wished for something, that came about in a way you didn't plan or want.

I believe everyone is solely responsible for their own, thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions at all times. Although, yes, there are forces beyond your control at play. I believe you have the power of choice to either go with the flow or to resist those forces at any time, as such you should always remain both aware and in control of that power by actively exercising it.

I believe in taking my own advice, and any advice from others that is both sound and harmonious, with the greatest good of all concerned.

I also believe that if you give poor advice to someone, you will suffer the consequences of that, so practice what you preach. If something doesn't feel or sound right, it isn't. You were given intuition, exercise it! It won't kill you to think for yourself. :)

I believe you should avoid blindly accepting the opinions & beliefs of others whenever you feel like it and strive to find out for yourself. Unless of course you have a cruel intent, in which case I advise you to seek professional help, dial a Homie, or stay indoors until you're over it. ;P

I believe Aliens are real. and that they prefer to be called Star People. Also that they are incarnate angels who come here to protect us from destroying ourselves and the Earth. In the event that we can't find the technology to get out of here (before the Sun moves too close to the Earth & burns us all alive, a few million years from now), they will show up to get us out of here. Believe it. We have been cosmically hooked up with other beings, far more evolved than we are. The problem is, until we are ready to communicate without hostility and fear, few of us will have the chance to actually meet one. The reason for the sightings, reports, etc, is simply because they want us to know they exist, and they are only here to help us not harm us. That's it.

I believe any fear of aliens is unwarranted, and it's they who need fear us, because we are the cruel species in comparison. If they could speak English or any other language, they would undoubtedly say "Chill out, We come in peace." So relax. You're not going to be probed, at least not by an alien anyway.

However, Another Human Being would assuredly do that to you, or worse. I believe to overcome your fear of aliens, you need only to park your ass on the couch & turn on your television set:

Take in a few episodes of Americas Most Wanted, Psychic Witness, Unsolved Mysteries, City Confidential, Cops, The first 48, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, CSI, Criminal Minds, etc. What about Fear Factor? Now there's a FABULOUS example of how inappropriately people treat each other, pissing around with peoples fears, forcing people to do unspeakably WRONG things on camera while, dangling the HOPE of obtaining a small amount of money in their financially challenged faces. If that doesn't scare the shit out of you, watch the News.


I believe EVERYONE is blessed with their own gifts & abilities, ones that FIT their unique life purpose, and because of that, EACH person is Equally Awesome at using those gifts & abilities. If people can't be open minded enough to accept the personal importance of the paths of others, they need to mind their own paths! There is no such thing as "BETTER THAN" in my universe.

I believe that Everyone walks their own path, but in the end We will All end up on the same road. All the proof you need of this is already in the Wiccan Rede: "An' It Harm None, Do What YE Will". And for Christians, It states in the Bible: "Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Done Unto You." If you take the time to look, You will find in EVERY RELIGION there are many common threads that link them all together as one. Forgiveness, Love, Trust, Honesty, Respect, Honor, Kindness, Mercy, Generosity, Gratitude, Patience, Peace and Balance,among many other things, are mentioned in all of them. ;) Need I say more?

And That's What I believe! -Archangel Tanahmera :)
 All articles in this topic are my own and are © copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All rights reserved.

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